Flower Club Christmas Gift Guide

The best gift for Christmas is undoubtedly a perfect floral arrangement. If you plan to give a gift to a family member or a friend during the holiday season, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful floral arrangement. As per the Florist in Melbourne, nothing shows your love, affection, and admiration better than a perfectly designed handheld bouquet. During Christmas, if you want to express and share the love and joy you feel with your friends and relatives, the best way would be to send flowers. In 2021 when things have been difficult for everyone across the world, the gift of flowers can be the best way to show your love.  If you are looking for Flower Delivery Melbourne during Christmas, check for ones that offer fresh-cut flowers, as these would be some of the best floral arrangements that you can send to your loved ones. According to most Florist Melbourne, people are opting to send flowers during Christmas as it is a unique gift and one that can brighten the holiday season even more. Some of the Flower Club gifts that you could choose to gift your loved ones during Christmas are as follows:

  1. Exclusive floral arrangements

As the Best Florist Melbourne, we offer some of the brightest and most beautiful fresh cut flowers that you will find. As the flowers are all locally sourced and brought to the store every day, you can be assured that the flowers will be bright and fragrant. When you choose seasonal flowers, you will get bright-colored ones like begonia, foxglove, calendula, dianthus, and many more blooms. But if you want to choose floral arrangements with other flowers, you can also opt for flowers like carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and roses. When you choose a handheld bouquet, you select the flowers that you like the most. Then, you can add a body to the bouquet by adding foliage. Now you can choose Christmas foliage, holly leaves, or eucalyptus leaves. This foliage can add a touch of holiday spirit to the bouquet. You can also add pine cones to the bouquet to add a different appeal to a floral arrangement. As one of the leading Florist Ivanhoe East, we will help you choose the perfect floral arrangement that will display the holiday mood and be a perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.

  1. Selecting suitable flowers for Christmas

If you have missed out on wishing someone a happy birthday or happy anniversary, then be sure to wish the person happy holidays. One of the best ways to do so would be to opt for the Same Day Flower Delivery Melbourne. When you choose to wish happy holidays to a loved one, you should remember the occasion and the relationship you have with the person. This means you must carefully select the flowers you want to place in the floral arrangement. Some of the flowers that are ideal gifts for 2021 are as follows:

  • If you want to ensure that your gift is loved by the person receiving it, you should consider gifting her a poinsettia. The bright red foliage of the plant is an ideal gift for the holiday season. What make this plant ideal for Christmas is the bright red leaves against the green leaves of the plant. However, if you do not want to gift it as a plant, you can always choose to include poinsettia as a part of a floral arrangement. As one of the best Florist Ivanhoe, we will help you choose a suitable floral arrangement with poinsettia to make it a perfect gift for Christmas. 
  • By 2021 gifting orchids have also become a trend. The primary reason is you can keep these plants in any part of your home, and these do not require extensive care. Orchids can thrive for many years with minimum care, and you will get beautiful blooms almost every year. Orchids can also form a part of floral arrangements, and you will find these to be a staple of Christmas floral arrangements.
  • If you want to give a gift to someone who lives in a studio apartment and is short on space, then rosemary is a perfect gift. A potted rosemary plant resembles a small Christmas tree, and its gentle fragrance can brighten a room. In addition, it can give the holiday season an aromatic and fragrant appeal.

Thus, Flower Club has come up with several new gifting ideas using flowers bound to make Christmas gifting easier. When you send flowers, the person receiving the gift is happy and spreads the holiday cheer.  

  1. Christmas-themed floral arrangements.

If you want to give your loved one a unique Christmas gift, you can send a floral arrangement shaped like a Christmas tree or a holly wreath. These beautiful floral arrangements made using several flowers can make the person receiving it extremely happy. Florists often use flowers and foliage other than the traditional ones to make miniature trees or holly wreaths.  However, if you are looking for Free Flower Delivery Melbourne, you need to check the details of these floral arrangements that they can send at a day’s notice. If you are looking for specific holiday-themed floral arrangements, these might not be available for same-day delivery. In addition, some floral arrangements need time to be made, and then these are sent to the recipient. Therefore, you will need to discuss the delivery time and charges with your florist. 

Nevertheless, you will find that sending the perfectly designed and holiday-themed floral arrangement can be the best gift you can give your loved one. You will find several different floral arrangements and gifting ideas that you can choose from to make your gift unique. For example, you can give your loved one an orchid for Christmas as it will be a wonderful reminder of your love and affection. Therefore, choosing a gift that can enhance the holiday cheer and spirit can be one of the best gifts to give your loved ones.

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