Hasn’t your delivery come when it was supposed to? You can follow your order and ask for a new delivery or something to make up for it by clicking the button below.

Remember: have your order number ready (you can see it in the email they sent you) before you start.

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On rare occasions, our team or computers might make a mistake and cause your tracking page to show irrelevant data. Please relax as in most cases it’s just a system error and your order might still be on the way. If you want us to track it for you, please click on the button below.


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We’re really sorry if this happened. Your delivery should still be where it was left, safe and sound in its box, for an extra day. But if it’s not there, please tell us. If you don’t find your delivery at home, make sure to look around in case it’s somewhere else or a neighbor took it in. If you still can’t find it, just let us know and we’ll fix it.

Did your delivery go back to the delivery office? We make sure to tell the people who deliver packages that they should either deliver them or leave them in a safe place. But sometimes they can’t do that, so they’ll leave a blue card. Don’t worry, the deliveries will be fine even if you can’t pick them up for an extra day.


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We are really sorry to hear that; if you or the recipient have just received the flowers and you find them dying or wilted, please contact us and we will make it up to you ASAP.

Big Apologies,


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When our flowers are delivered, it’s common for some stems to appear a little droopy or flattened because they are still in the bud. No need to be concerned! After a few days in the water, they will become lively. If they don’t recover and instead arrive damaged or with some other quality problem, you can easily ask for a new delivery or compensation with just a few clicks. Do you need to let us know about a quality problem?


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Ops, we are sorry to hear that ;( But no worries at all, please contact us below and we will sort it out for you.


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Checking Out

They are a few ways to do that:

  • Your shipping address be in our FREE delivery zone.
  • You are subscribed to the Flower Club Elites membership.
  • You are subscribed to receive flowers on a monthly or fortnightly basis.
  • Your delivery date is in one of our FREE delivery promotional dates.
  • You have won one of our Instagram contests, follow @flowerclubmelb to participate in the next one.
  • You have received an email from us (only for subscribers) subscribe here.


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The discount box is visible on both cart and checkout pages, you might find it on the left side of the screen next to the payment options when using a desktop and on the bottom of the page when using a mobile phone.

If you still can’t find it or you are receiving an error, please contact us below.


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Contact our customer service team

For general questions please click here

For event enquiries please click here

For order-related enquiries, please click here


To chat with our team over the phone please call us at 03 9497 1349 (sometimes you might need to wait longer than usual and we recommend contacting us via email).


Have you received someone else’s order?

Please click here to report it, thanks for your time.


Do you want to cancel your order or request a re-delivery?

After reading through our return and delivery policies; if your question remained unanswered, please contact our team by clicking here

Concerning the quality of your flowers?

If your order is yet to be delivered, contact our team here and they will help you as fast as possible.

Claim Form

How to get your claims approved?

  • Photos captured in good lighting and at a reasonable angle
  • Capture the entire arragnement/pacakge/bunch
  • Flowers are not used, cut, or manipulated
  • The claim was submitted in 24hr window post-delivery

Your claim may be rejected if:

  • Blurred, low-quality, or poor lighting
  • Flowers are used, processed, or altered
  • The whole product/arrangement is not captured
  • Not submitting the claim on time (24-hour window)
  • Not a visible issue with the flowers
  • Not responding to our support team emails or texts
  • Providing inaccurate info
  • Claim not lodged by the sender