Tips and Tricks When You Are Ordering Flowers Online

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Tips and Tricks When You Are Ordering Flowers Online

Flowers are the real deal when it comes to excellent addition to any special occasion. There is no doubt that fresh flowers are a wonderful gift idea for gifting our loved ones. What do beautiful arrangements consist of? They are not only vibrant but also sweet-smelling. This means that they are one of the greatest ways to put a long-living smile on someone face. Many people have been using flowers to bring joy to their lives.

Customers prefer purchasing flowers online rather than visiting their local florist. In that case, they will have saved their time and also money. If you are one of those dedicated customers, you might be looking for the best ordering tips.

At the Flower Club, we have served numerous customers who decided to purchase fresh flowers from us for one reason or another. With that in mind, we know what it takes to purchase flowers online. That is the reason why we have decided to review the best tips and tricks you should use when purchasing flowers online. These tips will be of great help in your online ordering experience. Enjoy!


What do you need to know when selecting a top online florist? You will be required to do thorough research. Why is it important to do that? This will be of great help more so when determining the website that meets your needs. In most cases, the best websites have a visually appealing and modern design.

Also, they have been designed in a way that users have an easy time navigating. Recently, many florists have been designing their websites with some search bars. This means that you will have full freedom to type in keywords. Be guaranteed that you will locate your specific flowers with great ease. It is good to know that most reputable florists state to their customers how they can be reached.

You might have noticed that top florists have informative blog pages. Normally, they craft helpful information on this section. You can agree with me that all these features are truly a clear indication that the website has taken the user’s experience into consideration.


This is arguably one of the most crucial factors that will help you know if the online florist can meet your personal expectations. Are you sure that the best florist is the one who is there when you need them most? Do you really have any questions regarding a specific flower?

They are always ready and willing to help their esteemed customers. Their aim is to provide the best services to their customers. Some of these companies will even go to the extent of suggesting to you the most suitable arrangement depending on your event. It is good to keep in mind that the most helpful florists will not only answer all your questions, but they will also make you feel valued and special.

All in all good customer services is not limited to calls and emails. Contact Us Today!

The Symbolic Meanings Of Funeral Flowers In 2019

Flower Club MelbourneLosing a loved one has never been easy. In most cases, many people wish they could have at least one more day to have a conversation with the departed ones. At times, this is absolutely impossible. It is good to know that there are always ways to tell your loved ones how you truly felt. The Funeral Flowers that you will choose from the Flower Club will speak volumes about your feelings. Before purchasing fresh funeral flowers from us, you should consider your preferred style of funeral arrangements.

As far as fresh funeral flowers are concerned, it is important to know the funeral flower selection meanings. What is your message to your loved one? Here are different meanings of the most common funeral flowers.


Have you ever attended a funeral before? You might have seen that numerous floral arrangements were filled with fresh lilies. Lilies have been the most popular Funeral flowers for the last couple of years. Usually, these flowers represent innocence and purity of the departed soul. There are numerous lilies flowers. The most preferred flower colour is white.


Flower Club MelbourneOriginally, these flowers were associated with romance and extreme passion. Besides being the perfect flowers to show love and compassion, they can also be used during funerals. The best thing about roses is that they come in multiple colours. This means that you will have a wide range to choose from. Which is the best colour to use during funeral events? Red has emerged as the best in that case. Red roses symbolize love and grief to the departed soul.

White roses are very similar to white lilies. In funeral ceremonies, they have the same meaning too. Yellow rose flower is the best flower arrangement to use if the departed person was your close friend. Yellow represents friendship. Although pink is not common in funeral events, you can consider using dark pink flowers. They are the perfect choice when it comes to showing gratitude for everything the departed person has given to you.


You might be aware that numerous florists prefer using carnations to create funeral wreaths. What is the reason behind this decision? Besides being affordable, they have a rare symbolic meaning. Therefore, you should remember to choose your flowers wisely when selecting a funeral flower arrangement. What if the deceased person was a catholic? In that situation, you can purchase some nice looking and fresh pink carnations. Catholics believe that the Virgin Mary created these beautiful flowers with tears.


They are arguably the most impressive flowers in the market. You might confuse orchids with a giant arrangement of carnations. Why are these flowers used in most funeral ceremonies? They have been well known to carry a deep meaning for those that have lost their loved ones. In a funeral, fresh orchids represent everlasting love for the departed person. Have you been looking for a nice way to express your condolences to someone? You should purchase some well-arranged orchid flowers.

Shop flowers online or call our florist at (03) 9497 1349 to have customized floral arrangements for your memorable ones.

Most Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

Flower Club MelbourneOver the years, roses and other popular flowers have been known as a perfect way of appreciating to who mean most to us. They have a specific meaning more so when given as romantic bouquet of flowers. There is no doubt that many people prefer purchasing roses when searching for the most romantic flowers. Although they are quite beautiful, you might feel tired of giving your lovely partner the same old thing.

It is good to keep in mind that roses are not the only romantic flowers out in the market. For the last couple of years, there have emerged numerous romantic flowers. Call the Flower Club romantic florist simply because we will deliver fresh and high-quality romantic flowers. We have compiled a list of the most romantic flowers other than roses.

All these flowers will carry clear messages of romance. Here are the best picks of the most romantic flowers of all time. This is the right time to give them a chance and watch your lover’s eye light up with happiness and surprise.


Tulip Flower MelbourneWhat do these flowers mean in the language of flowers? Do you know that tulips symbolize perfect love? This is the perfect selection for you if you really want a red alternative of roses. Unlike many flowers, different colours carry different meanings. Which is the best thing about these flowers? They will continue thriving even when cut. Also, people prefer using these flowers on the anniversary. Usually, the heart-shaped stigma in the center of this flower means that the heart is darkened by a passion to love.


Are you sure that these flowers have been used for quite a long time? They have a great history that dates back to 1800. Away from that. Greeks made garlands of these elegant flowers. In Latin, they are called flowers of the Gods. Originally, these flowers were being used in the beer and wine industries. Being the perfect fascination flowers means they are the ideal choice if you have been looking for nice looking flowers for a young couple.

In addition, these flowers can be found in a wide range of colours. Actually, they can be dyed in every colour. A simple flower cut can last for more than three weeks.


As for now, there are more than 25,000 types of orchids. Each of them comes with different forms and colours. Most of them are unique. Recently, these flowers have been used to manufacture vanilla beans. Also, these flowers have multiple meaning of love and beauty. This is the perfect flower if you don’t know the taste of your partner.


Have you been looking for a sensible way to tell your lover that indeed she is a special person in your life? Purchase a fresh bouquet of lilies and the message will be delivered. Just like many flowers, there are very many lilies to choose from. The good thing about lilies is that most of them are elegant. Additionally, lilies carry the full meaning of magnificent beauty.

Shop flowers online or call our florist in Ivanhoe at (03) 9497 1349 to have customised floral arrangements.


Do you know that flowers are some of the most indispensable items in most weddings? What do they symbolize in wedding ceremonies? It is all about love and beauty. Do you want to have your wedding soon? Flowers will determine the colour and tone of your wedding ceremony. In most cases, flowers have been considered as the ultimate representation of bride tastes. You can agree with me that a wedding will not look complete without an elegant display of flowers

You should consider certain crucial things when purchasing wedding flowers. The first thing you should do is to select flowers that are suitable for the season. Usually, wedding planners prefer purchasing tulips and peonies. Do you want summer wedding flowers? In that case, you should order fresh irises and roses. When it comes to autumn, the most recommended flowers are crab apples and ornamental cabbages. 

You can attest that the challenge is not getting these flowers. Getting a reliable flower vendor who will supply fresh flowers can be a tedious task. Over the years, there have emerged numerous flower vendors in the market. This means that you should carefully choose your supplier if you want to have a memorable wedding celebration. 

At Flower Club, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality flowers that have been sourced from reputable flower farms in Australia. This is the right place to make your purchase if you want to have a good value for your money. Away from that, our editors have gone to the extent of compiling the most important things to look at when purchasing your wedding flowers. This guide will help you save a substantial amount of money in the future. Read through this article.


You might be aware that many people prefer choosing flowers that are considered seasonal. It is good to keep in mind that seasonal flowers are the best way to capture beauty and fragrance. In relation to that, they will always match with the atmosphere you choose to tie the knot with your lovely partner. For the last couple of years, we have witnessed many sites that help brides choose the best flowers according to seasons. In addition, look for a friend who has the talent to bring a vision to life on the big day. 


As for now, you are very familiar with seasonal flowers. You might be wondering why it is important to purchase these flowers. There are very many benefits associated with seasonal flowers. Firstly, seasonal flowers are the best quality flowers available at their time. What is the main reason behind this? They are at their prime. 

Flowers are some of the well-known plants that thrive well at their optimum conditions. This means that you are guaranteed of a better product when you purchase seasonal flowers. Are you a regular wedding planner? You will save money when you purchase these flowers. Actually, most of the species are available at a lower cost.


Over the years, flower-filled containers have been considered as one of the most wonderful ways to add a welcoming touch to your door. Nice looking flowers will not only add delight to a deck, but they will also brighten up your balcony. You will have an easy time arranging your collection when you consider giving each plant its own pot. All that you need to do to have a perfect collection is to rearrange them in a better way. Also, you can make changes to the collections throughout the growing season. 

It is good to keep in mind that extremely large planters that can hold numerous plants will arguably provide more rooting room. This will encourage vigorous growth to the flowers. People who have grown flowers in pots for many years have claimed that the flowers will produce a lush and garden-like effect. The best thing about growing flowers in pots is that you will be guaranteed to abundance colours for months. Actually, you don’t have to dig up a shovelful of soil. What do you need to do in that case? The soilless growing mix will work fine for a wide range of flowering annuals

In addition, you might be wondering about the best way to grow admirable and gorgeous flowering containers. It is all about providing a continuous supply of nutrients. Producing beautiful blooms will need a lot of energy and also dedication. It is advisable to add slow-release fertilizer some days before planting. You can do this if the growing mix you are using does not have the required nutrients. 

You might be having all that knowledge but end up being disappointed by the flowers. Therefore, you should take your time before spending your hard-earned money to buy flowers. At the Flower Club, you will have numerous fantastic flowers to pick from. It might be quite difficult to decide on the best flowers to grow. That is the main reason why our experienced editors have decided to come up with this list. These outstanding annuals will be the perfect flowers to add to your pots and also plants. Trust me, you will never regret purchasing them. 


How do they flower? They are very eye-catching. Normally, they flower in shades of blue and pink. They are well known to provide months of colour throughout the summer times. What do they feature? They are about 24 inches tall. In addition, these flowers will do well in light shade.


They might not be popular, but they are some of the best flowers you will ever come across in the market. They have for long been considered as the favourites for adding colour to pots. If you really want something a little different, you can consider looking for dragon wing types. 


They bloom to their best in planters, hanging baskets and also in shaded spots. Away from that, these flowers are popularly known as busy Lizzies. In addition, they are perfectly smothered with numerous flat-faced red and white flowers.

For more information, call us at (03) 9497 1349.


What does a well-designed garden entail? A garden is said to be well planned if it provides interest from early spring through autumn and even beyond if you go for winter structure. In case of the main growing season, much of that will come from flowering and foliage plants. Are you a gardener?

Do you really want to maintain your landscape? It will be wise if you consider looking for perennial plants that are both easy to grow and offer an extremely long blooming period. While most perennial flowers take two to four weeks, the longest perennials flowers such as the coneflowers will take months.

You are in the right place if you want the longest flowering perennials. At the Flower Club, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. You will have a good time being served by our friendly customer agents. We have the most reliable perennial flowers. Therefore be guaranteed that you will have the best from us. In addition, you will be in a good position to have a gift subscription from us. In fact, this is the first flower shop to have such amazing offers in Australia. In short, we have our customer’s desires at heart. Our professional editors have gone to the extent of analyzing the longest flowering perennials for you. This will serve as a guide when you want to make your purchase. Read through this article and you will never regret. Please enjoy.

  1. Catmint Walkers Low
    The much-loved flower has relaxed and free growth habit. Where can it be used perfectly? Consider using this flower for a cottage garden. Also, it will perfectly match in the front edge of the perennial border of any rose garden. Plus, the plants bloom their heads from the beginning of spring. At this time, you will observe some purple-blue flower spikes. These spikes are very attractive to insects.
  2. Geranium
    Personally, I hate throwing the term low maintenance around extreme irresponsibility, but I know that this is the perfect description. How can you know these flowers? They are about 18 inches of spreading foliage. What happens after this flower blooms? Plants will continue to produce extremely fresh and nice-looking flowers. However, you will greatly encourage another heavy show of flowers when you shear the plants back.
  3. Bleeding Heart
    They are hard to come across. In most cases, they are described as the most luxuriant shines. Away from that, the heart-shaped flowers thrive throughout the late spring and summer. Also, they are quite attractive. That is the reason why they are commonly used as old fashioned flowers. How do you plant this flower? The perfect way to do it is to plant it in a woodland garden. In addition, it can do well along a tree-lined pathway.
  4. Ornamental Onion
    Have you ever heard about this flower? This is a perfect combination of glassy foliage. Additionally, it has a cheerful shade of purple flowers. Usually, these flowers bloom about 6 weeks every summer.


Shopping during Christmas can be very overwhelming. How can you add a little flair to your holiday season? The best way to do it is by sending Christmas flower arrangement with the most popular Christmas Flowers. You will never need to get your tinsel in a tangle simply because we as Flower Club we’ve got you covered! All our Christmas flower arrangements are delivered in unique keepsake vases. That is the reason why all our customers have attested that our products make a treasured decoration. If you choose one of our popular blooms, everyone will definitely see the flowers in a holiday spirit. You might be wondering about how you can send Christmas flowers. Do you know that flowers are the perfect addition for any home or office during this holiday? You will be in a position to find a nice gift for everyone on your Christmas list. Over the years, flowers have emerged as beloved plants in very many Christmas traditions. Here are the best Christmas flowers for 2019:-


The dazzling combination of bold flowers will brighten up any interior place. It will make your room great again even during the dullest December days. What makes it a desirable Christmas gift? It has admirable colours. Normally, this flower is displayed in the square basket with a festive red bow. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, you will have an easy time maintaining these flowers. In addition, they are great for a centerpiece.


This flower will add an instant injection of colour to your home or office. It is one of the most favourite decoration you will not need to take down even after Christmas festive season. After you have purchased this elegant flower, you need to put it close to a sunny window. Usually, these flowers thrive in direct sunlight. Therefore you should ensure to maintain a temperature of 18 degrees.


The delicious blooms offer the deepest red hues. You can beautifully display these flowers in a festive green pot. When you embellish them with a star, you will have made an ideal Christmas present that will be worth giving your loved ones. They might be small in size, but they are very hardy. Most varieties bloom for a long time when cared correctly.


You can mistake this flower with the Christmas Red Rose. How can you identify this flower? It has canary yellow flowers. The yellow flowers are ideal for those who love to brighten their homes during Christmas. How can you make these flowers match? Use your yellow roses as a table centrepiece. The choice is yours.


White’s works really well during Christmas. They are more important more so when you decide to decorate your home with numerous contemporary hues. It boasts an assortment of crisp white blooms that mainly comprise of roses. Being the perfect Christmas gift for your dearest, it will be a good choice to treat your friends and also colleagues.


Do you know that spring is here with us? Do we have any better way to celebrate it than with floral arrangements? There is nothing that can brighten your room than fresh cut flowers. This is the time to revitalize your home for spring with our most stunning vase worthy picks for this season. Do you know that spring is called the season of flowers? What is the main reason behind this? There is a gradual increase in temperature. In addition, the soil warms up and the hours of daylight increase as the days become longer. Whether you want to admire spring flowers from far or even look to select vibrant blooms for a table arrangement, these are the most famous spring flowers. At The Flower Club, we pride ourselves for delivering the best spring flowers. We are supplied with high quality and presentable flowers from the best flower farms in Australia. Our editors have compiled the best vase worthy spring flowers you should buy. Enjoy the post.


You can agree with me that nothing says “spring” as much as tulips. These sculptural flowers are native to Central Asia. It is good to know that these flowers originally came in hues of red and yellow. Over the years, we have witnessed subsequent breeding of these flowers. As for now, we have different varieties and colours. It will make you feel like you have been stumbled into a vivid watercolour painting.


In most cases, these flowers thrive mid to late summer. Usually, they are available as potted plants more so around the Easter period. Lilies are bell-shaped nice looking flowers with large gorgeous petals. If you have seen these flowers, you can agree with me that they have a fragrant scent. The perfumed blooms goes a long way. You can consider using 2-3 flowers. All that you need to do is to make sure that the scent is not very overwhelming.


The classic spring flowers are popular for their botanical name. Botanically, they are called narcissus. These are popular flowers that represent friendship. In most cases, the trumpet-shaped flowers are seen in yellow shades. They also come in white, pink and orange colours.


These flowers don’t last for long after they have been cut. With that in mind, the best time to choose these flowers is in the bud stage. They will bloom faster and take their shape once they are cut and placed in a vase. When you purchase these flowers, it is advisable you keep them from direct sunlight. Moreover, you should water them every day. In that case, they will always remain fresh. How can you extend their vase life? Adding a preservative solution has proved to be the most reliable and working solution.


Are you sure that these are the most common member of the rose family? What do the spray roses feature? They have buds on their tiny stems. The tiny stems branch off a larger stem. Just like most types of roses, these flowers can last for two weeks once they have been cut.


When a family member is feeling unwell, many people aim to make their wishes for a rapid
return to normal health by sending floral bouquets. It is good to choose a meaningful flower
arrangement instead of just selecting any collection of flowers. In that case, you will easily
deliver your message to the ailing person. Gloom is pretty much unavoidable when someone
close is suffering from an injury. That is the reason why we as The Flower Club deliver high-
quality flowers for anyone who is not in tip-top shape. All our flowers will make a big
It is good to know that the final thought behind your flower giving act is very crucial. It will add
an extra touch if you consider spending a few moments to make sure that your flowers match
with the tone of the situation We have come up with the best get well soon flowers that you
should consider purchasing if you really want to attach a heartfelt note that tells them you care.
These flowers will show them that indeed you are thinking about them in the difficult moments.
Here are the best flowers you should purchase.

It has been considered as an ideal choice when sending get well soon message for quite some
time. This is the right time to send your friend simple white daisies. When you select the colorful
option, it will brighten her life than never before. These flowers are known to remain fresh for
several days. Therefore you should never worry when you deliver them to your friend in the
hospital. They will remain bold even when the patient has returned to good health.

The spring-blooming flower makes an amazing addition to any hospital bed. Its full blooms add
beauty to space. Unfortunately, they are not so common. This makes them a unique floral
arrangement. What do they stand for? They symbolize healing. Be guaranteed that these flowers
will send a perfect message to the recipient.

Although the elegant hydrangeas are less common they are very appropriate to get well soon
flowers choice. What do these clustered flowers feature? They have delicate blossoms that
represent perseverance. That is the main reason why they have been used by many people as a
gift for someone who is on ailment. You should give your unwell friend a chance to enjoy the
natural beauty of this plant.

Do you want to show the recipient that she is always in your thoughts? All that you need to do is
to select a floral gift of pansies. What do these flowers mean? Normally, they represent loving
thoughts. Pansies are bold and bright. They have the ability to pull your recipient out of the
doldrums. In most cases, they are prized for their bold hues and variegated colors. This gives

them attractiveness. You will be required to select a potted floral gift simply because they are
seldom seen in cut arrangements.


There is no doubt that flowers are the true feast of eyes. They have been known to add positivity
to the surrounding over the years. Do you know that numerous favorite memories are triggered
by the sense of smell? That is the main reason why flowers are the source of multiple pleasant
Do you remember when your grandmother used to grow some pink roses untamed in your
backyards? How about the aroma of blooms that would send your surrounding on a trip to the
islands? Usually, we admire flowers for their beauty, the unending spectrum of colors and also
unique shapes.
It is good to know that some flowers are loved and respected for their amazing scents. At Flower
Club, we are dedicated to providing you with fresh and amazing flowers. We have scented
flowers for all types of occasions. With that in mind, we have analyzed a comprehensive list that
consists of the most fragrant flowers you will ever come across, so enjoy.

This is arguably the most beautiful climbing flower in the world. The elegant flower is either
pink, white or purple. This flower resembles the clusters. It produces a sweet pleasant smell
during blooming. It is good to keep in mind that not all wisteria flowers produce a pleasant
smell. Normally, this flower swaps its stems around different things.

You might have come across this flower in the past. It is an annual flowering plant that thrives
well in hot and wet climatic conditions. In most cases, it opens in white and yellow colors, but
you can find some deep red flowers too. When does this flower bloom? It blooms in winter and
spring. In winter, it produces a pleasant smell. These flowers can be found in popular gardens.
What is the reason behind this? They are famous for their strong smell. In addition, you can use
them to make boutiques.

This flower is a member of mirabilis. They grow across the world. People prefer these flowers
for their unique blooming style. They bloom at night. Away from that, they produce some sweet
fragrance after blooming. This smell remains in the surrounding till the next day. Which are the
most popular colors? There are multiple combinations that include yellow, white and pink.
Interestingly, you can be able to see some different colors in this plant.

The waxy nice smelling flower is native in tropical regions of Australia. Are you sure that this
flower is a member of the coffee family? It has been named after the renowned Scottish botanist
Alexander Garden. Where can this flower be used? It is the perfect choice for wedding
ceremonies. Brides prefer using this flower not just because of its beauty, but because of nice
fragrance. This flower is used by perfumes manufacturers in many parts of the world.

This is one of the most delicate flowers. It belongs to the lily family. It is popular for its pleasant
smell. This means that it can be used in mass production of perfumes. Moreover, it is also used
to treat fever.

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