7 Types of Flowers That Last Longer

Floral arrangements are beautiful gifts you can give your loved ones, but when you make bespoke bouquets, you should select flowers that last long and with minimum care. There are several freshly cut flowers that you can gift your friends, partner, or loved ones, which can last for days when placed in vases. This will remind the recipients of your love and affection every time they look at the flowers. Moreover, fresh and fragrant flowers can bring joy to the hearts and minds of everyone who sees the blooms and not just the recipients. Here are some flowers that last for a long time.

1. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are beautiful blooms that are available in several colors. You can purchase bright red chrysanthemums, pale pink and yellow ones, and even delicate white ones. When you add the blooms to a handheld bouquet, you give the bouquet a touch of color and body. To maintain the flowers, all you need is to remove the wilted blooms. You also need to change the water occasionally and cut the stalks. If you see that the stalks have become slimy, you need to cut the end to make it easier for the blooms to remain fresh longer.

2. Orchids

orchid care

Orchids are elegant blooms, and these can make any floral arrangement beautiful. Sometimes orchids can be standalone gifts as these are flowers that can last for a long time. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided by your florist regarding the care of the orchid. In most cases, you need to be careful and keep the orchids in a cool room to make these last longer. Another thing you need to keep in mind is when you place the orchids on a table, ensure that there are no ripe fruits near it. Rope fruits tend to release ethylene gas which can cause wilting of orchids. If you are careful about these factors, you can make the orchids last long.

3. Carnations

Carnations are perfect blooms to be included in floral arrangements. These blooms, like chrysanthemums, are available in several colors. Moreover, carnations are pretty large flowers and can give any floral arrangement a body and texture that other flowers cannot. If you want to make the flowers last longer, you have to keep these away from any heat source and drafts. Carnations can last up to three weeks with proper care. Keep your carnations away from sunlight. In winter, ensure that the carnations are not near any windy place as cold winds can dry the flowers. It is also essential to regularly change the water in the vase to keep the flowers healthy. With proper care, freshly cut carnations can last up to three weeks.

4. Lilies

oriental lily

Lilies, by nature, are long-lasting flowers. The long stalks of lilies make it easier for the flowers to survive for many days even after being cut. However, you need to take care of the flowers to make them last longer. For example, keeping the flowers in a cool room is essential to last longer. Also, keep your floral arrangement consisting of lilies away from direct sunlight so that flowers do not wilt or lose moisture. Lilies can quickly lose moisture and wither if exposed to heat or cold. Hence, a moderate temperature is necessary to help the flowers last longer.

5. Sunflowers

sunflowers for sale in Melbourne

It is a misconception that sunflowers do not last long once they have been cut. But in reality, freshly cut sunflowers can last a long time with a bit of care. The first thing you need to do on receiving a handheld bouquet of sunflowers is to put the flowers in a vase of water. After that, you need to change the water in the vase regularly. Once the flowers have been cut, you need not place the blooms in the sun; instead, you should put your vase of sunflowers somewhere cool. Sunflowers will last seven to twelve days after being cut without adding any flower food or chemicals. But if you want these to look vibrant and fresh, you can ask your florist to provide you with specialized food to keep these flowers fresher longer.

6. Hydrangeas

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This is another unique flower known to last for weeks and with minimum care. As evident from the flower’s name, you need to ensure that it has a good water supply to make the bloom last for a longer period. When you get a floral arrangement consisting of hydrangeas, ensure that you change the water regularly, and you must let some of the flowers dry out to ensure that other flowers last longer. Hydrangeas consist of tiny florets, and if a few florets dry out, do not try to remove these as they will fall off naturally. The other florets will remain strong and healthy. The flower as a whole will take weeks to dry out. Thus, hydrangeas are long-lasting flowers, and they survive with minimum care.

7. Freesia

Freesia, especially the pink ones, can last for more than ten days and require minimum care. If you have just received a bespoke bouquet containing freesias, then the first thing you should do before putting the flowers in the bouquet is to ensure that the vase is clean. If there is any dirt in the bouquet, it can damage the flowers. Freesias are susceptible to bacterial damage, and to prevent it, you must put the flowers in a clean vase. Once you have placed the flowers, ensure that you change the water regularly to prevent the water from becoming dirty and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. This will make the flowers last longer, and you will find that your freesias last for more than a week.

Thus, freshly cut flowers can last longer than you expect, and for that, all you need to do is change the water in the vase regularly and ensure that the stems are trimmed. This way, you can prevent any bacterial growth and find that the blooms remain fresh and fragrant for long.

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