Why Are Dried Flowers Popular? 5 Benefits Of Dried Flowers

This post will help you understand why there’s been a dramatic resurgence in the popularity of dried flowers recently.

Dried flowers have seen so much popularity recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Hello fellow Australians! If you’re looking to bring some natural foliage to freshen up your home with colour and vibrance, then dried flowers are a perfect alternative.

You can see them all over Instagram, adding a touch of nature to homes, wedding venues, birthday parties, and whatnot! But this year, they are set to be an even more significant trend, with people looking for new ways to add natural elements at home, especially those looking for long-lasting colour, low maintenance and longevity.

Dried Flowers are welcomed alternatives to natural foliage, from chic, wispy pampas grass, to elegant bunny tails; you can find several varieties & options to express your taste.

Dried flowers are stealing our hearts in 2021. This may have you wondering- what is so special about dried flowers? To answer your questions, we have curated this article.

Why are dried flowers so popular?

Drying flowers to preserve them for multiple purposes like medicines, fragrances, art, and more dates back thousands of years. And they are aesthetically pleasing. Dried flowers are incredible alternatives to natural elements, especially for those looking for low maintenance, beauty, and longevity. Not only that, they add beautiful texture & hues to your existing home decor.

The texture they possess looks elegant in any setting, and their simplicity can freshen up any space without additional maintenance. From muted to bold-stand out tones, there’s each for everyone’s style, so no one is left unsatisfied.

And the most significant reason behind their popularity is that they are easy maintenance and long-lasting. Those green-fingered among us who love to keep plants but worry about care and time-schedule would be happy to know that dried flowers are becoming a welcomed alternative & ideal choice for quickly refreshing your home décor.

Because they last longer than their fresh counterparts, you can reap the benefits weeks after weeks.

How long do dried flowers last?

Unlike fresh bouquets that last no more than a week or two, dried flowers last almost three years(and even longer with correct care), allowing you to beautify your home year after year. 

How do I care for dried flowers?

Not much has to be done to maintain dried flowers. A few simple tips can make them last longer. Unlike their fresh alternatives, you must not keep them in direct sunlight and humid conditions; thus, they are best suited anywhere away from windows to preserve them for a long duration. 

5 Benefits of Dried Flowers

Extremely Sustainable

Value features like Sustainability are one of the significant reasons why you should invest in dried flowers. Because they are 100% natural and biodegradable, they present no harm to the environment.  Thanks to their low-carbon footprint, they are eco-friendly. As they last longer, they are much less wasteful than their fresh alternatives that last no longer than a week or two. 

Value For Money

As they are low maintenance and last longer, they are an excellent value for money. They may be more expensive than the fresh flowers; however, the quality is exquisite, and the amount of timespan they last for is incomparable. The fact that dried flowers look exquisite day-in & out is worth all the money spent. 


Dried flowers are like a time capsule. They capture the elegance and the charm of fresh flowers for a very long period. The endless possibilities they bring & their extreme beauty is the reason for their popularity. Their long-lasting feature could be the foundation of any creative project, be it home decor or wedding, as they are accessible throughout the year. 

They are highly versatile and are found in so many varieties and shades. And not to forget, there’s no end in the number of ways these dried flowers can be arranged and used. 

A Gift to Cherish Forever

As we all have known by now, the dried flowers are low-maintenance and long-lasting; they make an incredible gift- one that keeps ongoing. Although the pieces differ from vendor to vendor, you can expect them to cost you substantially, but they are still an excellent value for money considering the time they last.

And instead of your gift being overlooked, dried flowers are a gesture that remains in the foyer of your loved one’s home, constantly telling them that you are thinking about them in this year of hardships.

Accessible to Change Up the Arrangement

Another tremendous advantage of keeping dried flowers is the strength to shape up the compositions. You can simply rearrange or repurpose the existing flowers and add and subtract new ones over time.

The dried flower arrangement can unfold based on your taste and room aesthetics. From powder blue and peachy pink to golden yellow and fuchsia, you can manifest your feeling & style with a bunch of beautiful dyed, dried flowers. Maybe you love some pink shades? Or perhaps you are sick of your prevailing flower arrangements? Don’t worry, step out (and even not, simply order online) and buy yourself some pampas grass or bunny tails to change your existing arrangement.


Have you bounced on the dried flower trend yet? Whatever the season or reason is, there’s always a combination of dried flowers to cheer you up and make a statement in your home. We know the world is going through hard knocks right now, and what could make us feel each other’s presence more than sharing flowers that can last longer and stay afresh infinitely.

Feeling inspired already to buy some for your home or gifting? Well, you should! This is one investment that you would cherish for life.

Here at Flower Club, we employ our unique knowledge of the floral industry to design wonderful dried flower arrangements that are exceptionally and stunningly crafted. In addition, we offer same-day flower delivery in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9497 1349 for further enquiry.

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