7 Ways To Be Creative When Buying Flowers

Flowers can be one of the perfect gifts for your loved ones. It not only expresses your love but also showcases the thought that you put behind purchasing the gift. When choosing a bouquet, you have to think about the type of flowers to the person you are presenting the bouquet to. You will also have to choose a bouquet based on the occasion. All of these show the thought you put in while purchasing the flowers and ensure that they are suitable for the event. According to a reputed florist in Melbourne some of the ways that you can be creative while buying flowers are as follows:

  • Choose flowers other than roses.

Experts working in stores that offer flower delivery in Melbourne mention that most customers choose a bouquet look for roses. But often, roses do not add a touch of uniqueness to the bouquet. If you want the floral arrangement that you are gifting to your loved one to stand out and be assured that it portrays your thoughts, then choose flowers other than roses. Instead, you can opt for orchids, seasonal flowers, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and many more such flowers. You can combine these with roses to add a touch of uniqueness to the floral arrangement and make it a statement piece.

  • Choose a combination of colors.

Even when you opt for same-day flower delivery, there is no reason you should not be adventurous and choose a bouquet that combines a variety of colors. Even when you choose seasonal flowers, you can choose flowers with colors from the whole spectrum. So instead of going for a bouquet with single-colored flowers like yellow chrysanthemums or red roses, you can choose to combine flowers of various colors like yellow, white, and red. You can also choose flowers of brighter colors like purple, red, and bright pink. Thus, by selecting a combination of colors, you can make a creative and statement bouquet with followers of different colors.

  • Select bouquets of suitable size

When you purchase a bouquet, you must keep in mind the occasion and the person you are presenting it to. For example, if you are looking for same-day flower delivery in Ivanhoe for this week and the bouquet is part of a corporate gift, you must select a small bouquet. Similarly, if you plan to gift your spouse a bouquet on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, you could opt for a bigger bouquet. You could also choose bouquets of unique designs to commemorate the occasion. The size and design of the bouquet are essential to add to the event.

  • Understand the importance of each flower

When you are designing a bouquet, you can always take the help of experts. When you do so, be sure that you ask them; what each flower represents. For example, if the rose represents love, then lilies represent eternity. If you are planning to gift flowers for a corporate gathering, then a combination of rose and lilies would prove to be counterproductive. Instead, these would prove to be an ideal combination if you are planning to gift your spouse on your wedding anniversary. It is best to choose flowers like orchids, carnations, tulips, and sunflowers for corporate gifting. Thus, it is essential to understand what each flower represents. In other words, when you create a bouquet, understand the ‘language’ of flowers.

  • Make the bouquet attractive by putting decorative items.

When you design a bouquet, it is essential to make it attractive by putting additional decorative items. These need not be flowers, but things like ribbons, colorful sticks, colorful baubles, and other similar items add a touch of allure to the bouquet. Simple floral arrangements are usually not attractive, but you can give it a completely new look by adding decorative items to the floral arrangement.

  • Put leaves in the bouquet.

When you design a bouquet, you can add leaves to the floral arrangement to create a background. This helps in enhancing the colors of the flowers in the bouquet. Consider this, when you see flowers in nature, these are always viewed against a background of green leaves. So you can try to emulate a similar vision when you create a bouquet. But this does not mean adding leaves randomly into the bouquet. The leaves should be attractive and strategically placed in the floral arrangement. It should enhance the color and charm of the flowers in the bouquet and make it all the more attractive. Sometimes it is even a good idea to put a ring of big green leaves as the background for the bouquet to look brighter.

  • Add a vase to the bouquet

If you want to make your purchase unique, you can always add a vase to the bouquet. This will make your floral decoration completely different from others. When you gift flowers, especially to a loved one, you can all a crystal vase to the arrangement. This will make the gift everlasting because even after the bouquet withers away, the vase will be there to remind your spouse or your loved one of the gift and the perfect bouquet.

When you think of being creative while buying flowers, it is always a good idea to ask the florist from whom you are purchasing the bouquet to help you choose the arrangement. Based on the occasion and your budget, they can provide you with the best suggestions. Along with that, they can also provide you with suggestions like suggest flowers that will last longer and flowers that are ideal for the occasion. As a layperson, you might not know which flowers would be suitable for a particular event. In such a scenario it would be best to ask the help of the florist as they would be able to guide you. Similarly, they can help you select suitable designs of bouquets based on the occasion and the relationship you have with the person you want to gift the bouquet to. Thus, it is always a good idea to ask for expert help when choosing a creative bouquet as a gift. 

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