This Week’s Top Stories about Flower Design

When you think of floral arrangements or flower designs, the first thing that will come to your mind is beautiful fragrant blooms arranged in colour coordinated manner. For instance, if you want contrasting blooms to be arranged together, you might find bright red roses arranged alongside light-coloured carnations or lilies. However, floral arrangement is an art, and it depends on the flowers available in the particular season. Some of the top stories about flower designs that are doing the round of the Internet this week are as follows:

1. Flowers Have Begun To Symbolize Well-Being

The past couple of years have been quite difficult for everyone, given the global pandemic. As things have been slowly turning for the better and people are resuming their everyday lives, it has become necessary to take precautions. But we still remain concerned about the well-being of our loved ones. One of the best ways to show your love and affection would be to send flowers to those you cannot physically meet. As online ordering of flowers has increased, it has been observed that floral arrangements that represent well-being or get-well-soon have increased. Most magazines covering floral arrangements have carried articles mentioning that floral arrangements, including blooms like sunflowers, pansies, tulips, and chrysanthemums, have increased.

2. Increased Demand For Seasonal Flowers

There will always be a demand for seasonal flowers for exclusive or designer floral arrangements. However, this week there seems to be coverage of all the seasonal flowers included in the floral arrangements. When you include seasonal flowers in a floral arrangement, you make it attractive and make it unique. Most magazines and online forums have discussed the use of seasonal flowers in floral arrangements. There have been two aspects regarding these floral arrangements, and these are as follows:

  • As Valentine’s Day has been celebrated recently, there has been an increased demand for floral arrangements with red roses. As a result, most florists have had to supply long-stemmed red roses. Even at any Flower Club, we experienced a surge of floral arrangements with red roses this week, even though Valentine’s Day is over.
  • The inclusion of seasonal flowers like chrysanthemums, dahlias, orchids, and other similar blooms in a floral arrangement gives it a unique appeal. Thus, when you see any magazine carrying articles about floral arrangements this week, you will find them discussing seasonal flowers.

When arranged in a bouquet, flowers need to be contrasted based on the colour and background. This means you need to consider the colour of the primary flowers in the bouquet and then select the secondary flowers. Choosing the foliage or the bouquet berries will be based on the design of the bouquet. This is the latest trend as per the discussions on several Internet forums.

3. Choosing Sustainable Materials

Another story that has been doing the rounds of the Internet regarding flower design is the materials used to wrap the floral arrangements. Florists prefer using recyclable gift wrapping papers or other sustainable products in most cases. This is because flowers, when discarded, do not cause environmental pollution. Moreover, you can even use it as compost and convert it into manure. However, suppose you use plastic to wrap the bouquet or use any other kind of non-sustainable material as a part of the floral arrangement. In that case, you are making the entire arrangement environmentally unsafe. So instead, florists are becoming careful about the products they include in the floral arrangements and ensuring that all items are eco-friendly.

4. Fresh Cut Flowers Are Used In A Floral Arrangement

When you visit our website or read blogs about floral arrangements, you will find it essential to use fresh-cut flowers in a floral arrangement. This not only makes an arrangement bright and vibrant but also makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones. The increased demand for fresh-cut flowers sourced from local Aussie farmers is another essential feature of floral arrangements. When you read these reports about floral design, you will find that when you use fresh-cut flowers to make floral arrangements, you do not have to use chemicals to keep these blooms bright and fragrant. They tend to remain fresh naturally for a more extended period. Moreover, taking care of fresh-cut flowers is also much easier. 

5. Latest Trends In Flower Designs

Most magazines have carried stories about the changing trends in floral arrangements. Regarding flower designs, customers’ demand has changed in recent years. Some of the changes that florists have observed are as follows:

  • The latest floral designs seem to give more importance to the natural beauty of the flowers. This means the flowers, foliage, and other floral arrangements are all-natural, and no synthetic items are included.
  • The colour palettes of the floral arrangements are either bright or muted. Most of the arrangements are made to prioritize one or two flowers.
  • The floral arrangements are made based on a particular theme. This means that the floral arrangements are made based on the meaning of the flowers. It ensures that the floral arrangement symbolizes a particular human emotion.

The trends in the floral designs are to ensure that it meets the customers’ changing tastes and aesthetics. The reports covered that most customers ordering floral arrangements had particular ideas about what they wanted. The bespoke bouquets led to the floral arrangements and, subsequently, the latest trends in flower designs.

When it comes to the week’s top stories about flower design, you will find that most of these emphasize the use of fresh flowers, seasonal flowers, and using materials that are eco-friendly to make the floral arrangement. All of these are essential given the present global condition where it has become necessary to be more concerned about the environment. There is indeed no better way to wish the well-being of your loved one than with a perfect floral arrangement. Therefore, if you are planning to send one, check the latest floral design trend and choose one that keeps up ideally with the present time.

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