What Your Favorite Flower Has To Say About Your Personality?

If you love flowers and enjoy sending bespoke floral arrangements to your loved ones, then it shows that you are a loving, caring, and affectionate person. Individuals who love flowers are known to be kind-hearted persons. But did you know that your favorite flower can be a window to your personality? Depending upon the flower you love, and what it symbolizes, you can understand whether you are passionate or shy. Here is what your favorite flower tells about your personality.

1. What Do Roses Say About Your Personality?

Roses are one of the favorite flowers of most people. Roses represent passion, love, and desire. This is why you will find that there are roses in most bouquets suitable to be gifted at anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and Valentine’s Day. But roses come in different colors and depending on the color that your love, you can interpret your personality. Some of the things that different colors of roses symbolize are as follows:


  • Red roses: If you love red roses, it shows that you are a deeply passionate person. For you, love and affection gain priority over other feelings, and you can show similar love and affections towards the persons you care about.
  • Pink roses: If you love pink roses, it means you are an affectionate and graceful person. You love showing similar grace towards your loved ones. When you include pink roses in a bespoke bouquet, it adds a natural elegance to the floral arrangement.
  • White roses: If your favorite flower is a white rose, then it shows that you prioritize purity above all. This is why wedding bouquets often include white roses. In addition, people who love white roses are usually quiet and gentle individuals.
  • Yellow roses: If you love yellow roses, it means that you prioritize friendship and happiness above all. It also means that you are a loving and caring person. This is why yellow roses are included in floral arrangements suitable to be gifted on graduations, Mother’s day, and when you want to congratulate someone on having achieved a milestone in her life.  

The versatility of roses is often reflected in the individuals who love this particular type of flower. It has been found that people who love roses are pretty versatile, unique, and accomplished individuals.

2. What Do Sunflowers Say About Your Personality?

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Another flower that many individuals love is the sunflower. This bright yellow bloom is often included in floral arrangements to give them a body and a touch of color. You will also find that sunflowers are a favorite amongst individuals who love to gift their loved ones handheld bouquets. If you too love to gift sunflowers, it shows that you are a bright and happy person, much like a sunflower. You like to look at the bright side of life and are also a high-spirited individual. It is not easy to dampen your spirit! You are an enthusiastic individual like a sunflower. You have a warm and radiant personality. Moreover, sunflowers are one of the tallest flowers, and like the bloom, you too like to stand tall in anything you do.

3. If You Love Lilies, What Does It Say About You?

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Most Florists Melbourne are often faced with a high demand for several colors of lilies. Lilies are indeed one of the favorite flowers of most individuals. These flowers are included in different types of bouquets. For example, you can include lilies in bridal bouquets and bouquets that you can send to your loved ones on special occasions. If you too like to include lilies in bespoke floral arrangements, it shows that you are a loving, caring, and gentle person. It also shows that you prioritize purity, innocence, and devotion above all feelings. Furthermore, lilies are long-lasting flowers, which is the most attractive trait of the bloom. Thus, if you love lilies, it also means that you are a strong and devoted individual.

4. Which Personality Traits Do Orchids Represent?

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If you love orchids, then it means you love things that are offbeat and unusual. Orchids are exotic blooms, and if you love orchids, it shows that your personality is equally unusual. But orchids also add a touch of color to the environment. Many people believe that individuals who love orchids have bright and attractive personalities. This is because orchid lovers are usually the center of attraction and the heart of any party. But specific individuals are orchid lovers but have calm, thoughtful, and gentle personalities. If you have such personality traits and love orchids, you love the lighter shades of the flowers. Orchids come in several shades, and individuals who have more demure personalities tend to love orchids of a lighter palette.

5. Which Personality Traits Do Tulips Represent?

If your favorite flower is a tulip, you are a positive person with a large friend circle. You are an easy-going person, fun-loving, and making friends with ease. Much like roses depending on the color of tulips you love, your personality traits will also change. For example, if you love yellow tulips, you are cheerful, happy, and hopeful. It also shows that you are an enthusiastic person. If you love tulips, it also shows that you are adorable and lovable. You are quick to trust people and love to spend time with your friends. If you love to send your friends and relatives bespoke bouquets with tulips, it will represent your love and affection for them.

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Thus, different flowers represent different personality traits in you. You can easily understand which your favorite flower is because you will tend to include it in the bespoke bouquets you send to your loved ones. If you love flowers, it is natural that you will love all blooms: roses, tulips, hydrangeas, peonies, or dahlias. But when you gravitate towards one particular type of flower, it is undoubtedly your favorite flower. This flower appeals to you because it represents certain traits of personality. You find some similarities between you and the flower, making it your favorite.

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