The Meanings and Significance of The Top 10 Flowers in Australia

Many people think that they only see flowers in their day-to-day life. But did you know that there are flowers that hold different meanings and significance? In this article, you will learn about the top 10 flowers in Australia to learn more about their meanings and significance.

In Australia, flowers are a fascinating part of their everyday life. Flowers are given to loved ones as appreciation for being in your life or sympathy for being out of it.

Furthermore, flowers and blooms can also be used to celebrate an event or holiday. Different countries have different meanings for the same flowers, and flowers can have different meanings in different languages within the country.

Top 10 flowers in Australia

In Australia, it is said that flowers are a way of communicating messages to others, and as such, they hold significant meaning beyond just the flower itself. For example, some flowers represent love, happiness, strength, or courage.

So if you want to know those top 10 flowers in Australia, then keep reading.

1. Acacia

Acacia is the first flower in Australia’s list of top 10 flowers. Acacia is a shrub and tree genus belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae. This flower is generally grown in the ground and has a slow growth rate of between one and two years per foot.

This flower represents the beauty of retreat. These flowers represent how pure the soul was in ancient times. This flower is mainly used at the funeral, associated with rebirth and immortality.

2. Flannel flower

Flannel flower, also known as Actinotus helianthi, is a soft wolly flower. However, this flower is not easy to grow but worth it. This plant is a short-lived perennial shrub that features silver-green stems. This plant produces velvety white flowers in summer and spring.

Flannel Flower has been selected as the National flower of Australia to promote mental health awareness. Like other native Australian flowers, these flowers need to be extra adaptable and enduring to survive.

3. Eucalyptus flower

Eucalyptus flowers, also known as Gum blossoms, come from the eucalyptus tree. This flower is a native of Australia and is small in height and bright white. This flowering plant can grow up to 35 to 185 feet and has more than 250 years.

Some indigenous people of Australia consider the eucalyptus flower as the holy tree representing the division of the underworld, earth, and heaven.  Some people also think that the eucalyptus flower filters all negative energy from the space when it burns.

4. Kangaroo paw

Kangaroo paw, also known as aniigozathus flavidus, is a native Australian flower in different colors. This flowering plant can grow up to 2 meters tall, and if you grow it from seed, it can take up to 6 weeks for the seedling to emerge.

It can live for many years if you care for it. This flower is known as the kangaroo paw, which looks similar to the kangaroo paw. The symbolic meaning of this flower is uniqueness and individuality. This flower can be added to a bouquet to convey unique love and friendship.

5. Lantana flower

The Lantana flower is also a native flower of Australia related to the verbena family, Verbenaceae. This perennial shrub can reach up to 15 feet in height. However, it is a smaller and shrub-like plant. The height of the lantana plant can reach up to 5 feet. The flower’s symbolic meaning is associated with rigor and is used to prepare the medicine.

6. Grevillea

Grevillea is a tree that belongs to the Proteaceae family. This tree has a wide range of flowers, ranging from red to white. These trees are solid and able to live with most weather conditions. Although there are more than 360 species of Grevillea tree in Australia, a few of these can live outside the habitat. The height of this tree can range from 25 to 60 feet.

Grevillea represents the sign of love, faith, and calmness. The flower of this tree is red, white, or pink, making it an ideal addition to the bouquet for special events like weddings, birthdays, etc.

7. Strawflower

Strawflower, also known as Xerochrysum bracteatum, belongs to the aster family. At first glance, this flower looks numb. However, this flower is a favorite of several florists and designers due to its paper-like bloom in different colors and shades.

This flower produces non-stop blooms in the summer and spring. That is why it is known as the everlasting strawflower. Strawflowers are considered the symbol of immortality as the color and shape of these flowers stay for a long time. Therefore, this flower also represents someone or something that could always be remembered.

8. Billy buttons

Billy buttons, also known as Pycnosorus globosus, is a native Australian flower that is a dried flower to hold its structure and color. The billy button flower is more accessible to grow than other Australian native flowers. Billy buttons have attractive wooly leaves and golden glove-shaped flowers on the stem. Billy buttons represent the sign of good health, but in modern days, it represents the feeling that the receiver lights up the sender world.

9. Waxflower

Waxflower, also known as Chamelaucium, is an Australian native shrub species. This flower is easy to grow and has a white-pink flower that can reach the height of 3 feet.  Waxflower is associated with riches and wealth and represents the symbol of lasting love and success or patience due to its long-lasting bloom.

10. Bottlebrush

Bottlebrush is a flowering plant in Australia that grows circular and cylindrical flowers. The bottlebrush plant can grow up to 5 to 7 feet meters. The flower comes in red and yellow color that can be on grass for eight weeks. Bottlebrush represents the harmonious joy of the bird’s laughter.


The flowers in Australia have symbolized a wide range of things, from love and appreciation to new beginnings. But, no matter what they mean to you, these top 10 flowers will add beauty and life to any home or garden.

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