Supporting Local Flowers Growers by Shopping at Flower Club

You can agree with me that indeed we are living in tough times. Local Flower Growers in Australia have had a tough time because of the lack of market caused by this pandemic. With that in mind, this is the right time to support them by purchasing your dream flowers at The Flower Club.

Not sure what to order from Melbourne’s top florist? The Flower Club are working hard every day to get the most beautiful flowers for you this Christmas. When you purchase the following flowers from our online shop, you will have supported hundreds of local flower growers in Australia. Besides that, you will enjoy same day delivery from our The Flower Club.

Christmas Flowers MelbourneBird of Paradise

You might have come across this clumping plant in the past. The highly preferred Bird of Paradise is characterized by long, greyish leaves and nice looking orange flowers. You should consider purchasing this beautiful flower if you live in desert regions. However, the Bird of Paradise is known to bloom all year round in Australia.


The best thing about this flower is that it grows anywhere in Australia. Additionally, it will do well in almost all types of soil conditions. You can also grow it in hot conditions. There are numerous cultivars to choose from that include pure white and pink. As you purchase this flower, you should keep in mind that it is a poisonous plant.

Kangaroo Paw

Besides being a tough and drought resistant plant, the Kangaroo Paw is a tough plant that will thrive in any condition. This is the right time to purchase the Gold Velvet since it will produce nice looking flowers throughout the year. Normally, the beautiful flower grows to about one meter in height. On the other hand, the Regal Velvet is characterized by bold and green flowers. It is better when compared to other varieties since it requires little maintenance.

While the Amber Velvet produces bright flowers, the ruby velvet is the tiniest of all. That is the reason it is regarded as the perfect choice for borders.

Sacred bamboo

It is by no doubt one of the toughest flowers you can ever plant in your garden. The popular flower boasts of lovely bamboo like foliage. In the cooler months of the year, the bamboo like foliage will take on scarlet tones. Additionally, the Japanese bamboo comes with creamy white flowers. It also features bright red berries.


This flower will require a bit of care when first planted. However, once they are established, they will require little or even no maintenance. It will produce beautiful white and pink flowers.

Final Thoughts

Kindly note that not all these flowers will bloom all year. You should note that the flower foliage will be green throughout the year. It is advisable to choose plants with numerous colored leaves. This will help you create more variety in your garden. We hope that this article will help you in the future.

Some of the best selling flowers at Flower Club for the season are Christmas Blossoms, Christmas Love, Christmas Floral, Christmas Beauty, Christmas Breeze, etc.

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