Best Flowers to Buy In Summer

Do you know that summer comes with a lot of heat and humidity that can take a toll on any garden? Fortunately, there are numerous summer bloomers that can thrive in higher temperatures. Choosing fresh flowers can be difficult since there are many flower vendors out in the market. You should not worry about that simply because The Flower Club has got you covered. As the best florist in Melbourne, the Flower Club is not only dedicated to delivering high quality fresh flowers for summer, but also same day delivery.

To help you choose the best flowers for summer, we have highlighted the best flowers in the market.

Order Christmas Flowers OnlineAngelonia

This popular flower will add an admirable look to your garden. The highly regarded flower comes with bright blooms. Although it is an annual summer flower, it is a perennial flower in minimal frost areas.  Additionally, this flower will grow best in full sun and well-drained soil.

Furthermore, it is well known to tolerate drought like a champ. Besides that, it will take heat and humidity well. Are you a beginner? This will be the perfect flower to go for in summer. In case you are not sure how to incorporate this flower in your garden, you can pair it with some pants. This will be very crucial for fun visual contrast.


This is the right time to give your yard an upgrade with this flower’s beauty and texture. Usually, it is a long blooming flower. This flower comes with waxy leaves. Most begonias varieties grow well in sun and shade areas. The reason why this flower is considered the perfect choice for low maintenance landscape is its resistance to critters.


Have you been looking for a good way to add depth to your shaded beds? It is good to know that you can achieve this with the coleus flower. People prefer going for this summer flower because of its eye-catching color. The unique colors in this flower will create beautiful patterns in shades of green and purple. You will be able to create a lot of dimension without a lot of tending. It is advisable to plant this flower with others that complement its leaves. This will be very essential for a coordinated and layered look.

Elephant Ear

There is no doubt that this summer flower will make a bold statement in your yard. It is worth noting that this flower comes in numerous varieties. While some of the flowers need sun to thrive, others need shade to grow well. It is good to be aware of the flowers that like moist soil and those which prefer well drained ground.


It is one of the very few plants that will show off true blue blooms. In other words, this flower is called the blue daze flower. It will grow well in full sun and well-drained soil.

Final Thoughts

Most of the above summer flowers will grow well in full sun and well-drained soil. They will definitely be your all-time favorite annuals.

Some of the best selling summer flowers from Flower Club are Christmas Blossoms, Christmas Love, Christmas Floral, Christmas Beauty, Christmas Breeze, etc.

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