Know How To Keep Orchids At Home

We often get asked, “How can I care for orchids”? Well, caring about orchids is not very difficult. It is just different from how you care other type of flowers. You can attest that orchids have a reputation for being difficult to grow. If you offer proper care for orchids, they will bloom for months each year. Keep in mind that orchids can live indefinitely.

As far as blooming plants are concerned, orchids will definitely be an excellent value. You will always have continuous bloom every day of the year when you have a well-cared orchid collection. You only require some basic knowledge about these flowers and how they normally grow.

Phalaenopsis OrchidMake sure that your Orchids are getting the right kind of light

You might be aware that orchids need a lot of bright and indirect light. That is the reason it is advisable to place your flowers in direct sunlight. However, they should not be exposed to extremely bright light like that one around noon. If this is done, the orchids flower will wilt. The best way is to place your orchids near a window. So, how can you know that your flowers are getting enough light? While dark leaves are a good indication that the orchid is not getting enough sunlight, white leaves show that the orchids are getting too much sunlight.

Water them right

It is worth noting that the way you water an orchid flower is crucial when it comes to caring for an orchid. You should try to water your orchid once a week. How should you water your orchid? You can do it by watering under the plant’s leaves. In case you make the crown wet, you should wipe it dry with a paper towel.

Keep them in a warmer room

Orchids are known to do well in warm conditions. However, you should avoid keeping them close to strong sources of heat. The reason behind this is that the air around things like radiator will be much drier. This could end up drying your orchid flower.

Cut blooms that have dried

What should you do if your flower looks like giving out? It is advisable to cut the entire spike. This allows it to produce a new and strong flower within a year. It can also be better if you consider cutting the bloom at the first node. If you do that, your stem will produce more flowers after 12 weeks.

Feed Your Plants

You can give your orchid flower several teaspoons of fertilizers. It is recommended you do this once every two weeks or at least once a month.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is quite easy to care for orchids. You should water your orchids properly and expose the flowers to direct sunlight if you really want them to thrive. After all that, you will be guaranteed fresh and high-quality orchids. To get started, you can order fresh orchids from The Flower Club. You will get free flower delivery 2km around Ivanhoe and Ivanhoe East.



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