How To Grow Your Plant Safely?

A beautiful and healthy plant can be one of the most beautiful things in your home. If you are an ardent plant lover and enthusiastic about seeing bright and beautiful blooms in your home; you should purchase beautiful orchids to decorate your home. These plants thrive under harsh conditions, with minimum care, and produce beautiful blooms. According to a renowned plant delivery, Melbourne service provider orchids are one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones. These plants last for a long time and do not require an extensive amount of care. With minimum care, you can ensure that the plant produces beautiful blooms.

Along with that, you can be assured that every time the recipient sees the orchid, she will be reminded of you and your perfect gift. Thus, an orchid makes for a perfect gift because it lasts for a long time. Some of the factors that you should consider to ensure that your plants grow safely and flourish beautifully are as follows:

1. Adequate sunlight

When you think of indoor plants, the first thing that you should remember is that these plants do not prefer harsh sunlight. For example, if you have received a Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis hybrids, or a Dandella, you can be assured that these have beautiful blooms. But these plants are known to like indirect sunlight. These are tropical orchids but do not make the mistake of thinking that you can put this direct sunlight. Executives associated with an indoor plant delivery service provider in Melbourne orchids love indirect light. If you want to give sunlight to your collection of tropical orchids, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Try to place your orchids on the window sills in the eastern part of your home. The light sunlight filtering in from the east-facing windows of your home is ideal for orchids. On the other hand, you should avoid placing your orchids in the south-facing windows of your home. Here the sunlight will be brighter, and t can tend to burn the leaves of the delicate indoor plants.
  • If you do not have a chance to put the plants in the gentle east-facing windows of your home, then put screens in the way of the sunlight. In other words, you should avoid putting the plants in the way of direct sunlight. Most orchids prefer indirect sunlight, including tropical ones. This will ensure that the plants grow healthy and strong.

Being aware of the amount of sunlight suitable for your plant is essential for the health of all plants and not just orchids. For example, if you love growing indoor plants, you must be careful about putting these plants in direct sunlight. Most of these plants cannot tolerate the heat generated by direct sunlight. Similarly, if you are growing typical flowering plants, you must also check the number of hours of direct sunlight that you must expose these plants to for optimum growth; exposing them to more sunlight can prove harmful for the plants’ growth; unfortunately, many amateur plant hobbyists and gardeners mistake exposing their plants to excessive sunlight. This can prove to be counterproductive.

2. Watering of the pants

When you grow plants or even when you get plants as gifts, it is essential to learn about the watering pattern of these plants if you want them to survive. In most cases, orchids need well-drained soil and can survive if you water the plants once a week. If you are looking for a plant for sale in Melbourne, you will find several different types of orchids at Flower Club. Here you can also learn how to take care of your plants. For example, the watering of the plants also must be done carefully. Overwatering of plants can lead to root rot, which can even kill the plants. You need to be even more careful about watering the plant when it comes to indoor plants, as you cannot put these in direct sunlight, as a result, where there will be no chance of drying the soil. In addition, you will have to think of re-potting the plant. Therefore it is best to be careful about the amount of water you give to the plants and water these only when the soil is dry.

3. Adding fertilizers to the plants

When you add fertilizers, you should be careful about not overdoing them. If your plant is small, it will not accept the fertilizers, and it can even cause wilting of the leaves. If you have purchased your plant from a Florist Ivanhoe, discuss with him the best food for your plant. He can guide you regarding the type of plant you have purchased and the fertilizer you need to add. You should also ask him about the frequency of adding the fertilizers. If you add the fertilizer too often, it can cause more harm. You need to add the fertilizers regularly but at specified intervals. Adding too much fertilizer does not mean that the plant will grow faster or produce better blooms. At Flower Club, we will help you understand the fertilizers you need to add to the orchids and the indoor plants. It is wrong to think that the same fertilizers work for all fertilizers. Say, for instance, you want to grow tropical orchids or terrestrial orchids. These are soil-based orchids and prefer nitrogen-based fertilizers. Moreover, you have to know when and how much to give the plants for perfect blooms.   Providing the optimum amount of fertilizers and regularly will ensure your plant’s health.

When you start taking care of your plants, you will see a marked improvement in their health. You will see fewer leaves turning yellow, you will also observe new leaves growing on the plant, and finally, you will find buds appearing on the plant. Dry, wilted leaves are an indication of unhealthy plants. If you are careful about the sunlight, water, and fertilizers that you add to your plants, then you can be assured that your plants will grow healthy and strong.

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