Christmas Flowers

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Christmas Flowers

The joyful festival of Christmas would be incomplete without the flowers and lovely décor that families put up at this time. Christmas flowers and plants are an excellent addition to the festivities. Not only this, it is even a fascinating way to pay tribute to the culture.


The association of Poinsettia with the Christmas season dates back to the 16th century. The legend goes that a poor young girl wanted to gift something to Jesus on his birthday but did not have enough money to do so. An angel further guided her to gather some grass and weeds from the sidewalk and place it on the altar. By a miracle, beautiful flowers sprouted from those weeds – and these became poinsettias.

It has a lovely star leaf pattern, and the bright red color fits well with Christmas’s spirit. They do not require much water and can be kept indoors if placed on a windowsill/table that gets adequate sunlight.

Christmas Flowers, Amaryllis

Another bright red bloom, this exotic flower adds to the vibrancy of the household. It is large, and its unique trumpet shape catches the eye of any admirer. These Christmas flowers are hardy and long-lasting, as long as they’re well taken care of.

These are just 2 of the several Christmas flowers that can be used to brighten the festive mood. Orchids, paperwhites, and the Christmas cacti are fabulous choices as well!

We say- why stick to one? Explore the possibilities with the Best Christmas Florist Melbourne! Look around for a florist or flower delivery service near you and order some lovely foliages and bouquets for the home. The festive season calls for some splurge and luxury- and Christmas flowers are the definite way to go!

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