Will Flowers Last Longer in the Fridge

Flowers, especially in the summer, are vulnerable to the effects of heat. A healthy arrangement can quickly lose its form in very hot weather because the petals become floppier. If you want your bouquet to last as long as possible and look its best, use this really simple tip: Put the flowers in the fridge for the night. Maintaining the beauty of your flowers and breaking the cycle of water loss is possible.
Will flowers last longer in the fridge

How to store flowers in the fridge

To ensure optimum flower storage, approximately ¾ of a vase should be filled with water before adding the flowers. Remove all fruits from the refrigerator and set the temperature to 40 F. Ethylene gas is a sort of plant hormone that is naturally released by fruit. This has the dual effect of accelerating flower blossoming and fruit ripening. As a result, flowers will wilt and die more quickly as a result. Clear some space in the fridge and tuck the flowers away there. After around six hours in the fridge, your flowers will be fresh and ready to enjoy in the morning.

Other tips to keep your flowers fresh in the refrigerator

Prior cutting of stems: Make sure to cut the stems before you put the flowers in the refrigerator. When picking flowers from your home’s gardening, do so first thing in the morning. Because the heat generated by the sun dries off the petals of flowers cut on hot days or during hot periods of the day, they won’t endure as long. 

If the stalks are properly treated, cut flowers will live longer because well-prepared stems absorb water more quickly. To prepare stems, trim the end by about a half inch at a 45-degree angle. To avoid crushing the stems, avoid using blunt scissors to cut them. To get the best results, trimmed the stems underwater to keep air from entering the flower’s stem veins. After trimming all stems, split them about a half inch from the bottom with a knife or, if the stems are woody, pound the bottom of the stem with a small hammer.

It is significant to highlight that flowers like tulips and hellebores may experience an airlock that prevents water from the stem from reaching the flower. Use a needle to pierce the stem to avoid this repeatedly.

Water them before refrigeration: As soon as you bring the flowers inside, carefully examine the water quantity in any container. Any delivered flowers are included in this.

Every day, the water should be changed, and the flowers should be misted. Use a turkey baster to extract the water from the vase if it is challenging to remove the flowers. Use water that has one teaspoon of bleach mixed into every quart of water. Chlorine will make the water fresher and eliminate any odors. Adding a spoonful of sugar to the water can aid in the renewal of any blooms that require it.

Set the temperature: Flowers prefer a temperature range of 40°F and 50°F. If your flowers don’t fit in your fridge, consider setting them on the floor of the coolest room in the house at night. This will help your flowers stay longer. Keep flowers away from heat sources, draughts, and direct sunlight. Even one fan can hasten the wilting of flowers.

Important Facts to Remember

The lasting time of flowers – Your bouquets will survive a little bit longer if you store them in the refrigerator. The type of flower and the moment the stems were cut both affect how long they will last. If you store bouquets in the refrigerator at night, you may expect them to last between 5 and 14 days.

Baking Soda – Many people think mixing baking soda will make the flowers last longer. But that is not true. The pH of water is increased when baking soda is added. Lowering the pH will facilitate water movement within a flower, which is the absolute reverse of what flowers desire.

Adding Bleach – You already know that bleach may kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi if you’ve ever used it to clean. It works for flowers for the same reason. By adding bleach to floral water, you can prevent the growth of potentially hazardous germs. Having said that, bleach can be harmful to your plants in excess. A vase of water will just require a few sprays of bleach added to it.

Storing Boutonnieres – Keep a boutonniere cold and wet for the best storage conditions. Your boutonnieres should be completely misted with water before being placed in a box. After that, store them in a fridge for the night.

Putting pennies or coins – So, the answer is no, pennies won’t make flowers stay longer. Since copper was used to making pennies, people have been pairing them with flowers. They thought the metal would work to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. But pennies have evolved. They are currently made of zinc that has had a copper coating applied to them and includes some copper. It’s unlikely that adding a cent will extend the life of the flowers.

Additional Healthy Practices to make flowers last longer 

Wrap flowers securely in a damp newspaper and set them in two to three inches of water to prevent them from toppling over. Give them a couple of hours there. Just below the flower heads, insert tiny pins to keep the stems soldier straight. Simply use a straw to mend or support any damaged or drooping stems on other types of flowers. Any flowers that are starting to wither need to be promptly removed from the bouquet. The ethylene gas that is released by dying flowers makes the other, undamaged flowers wilt.


You get farm-fresh blossoms that are trimmed to last when you buy a flower bouquet. You will need to make a little effort though if you want flowers that survive a long time. You may prolong the freshness of your flowers by using the following advice. It’s possible that the recipient of your bereavement flower delivery or birthday flower order won’t know how to take care of their arrangement. They’ll be able to preserve their flowers fresh by disseminating these suggestions.

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