What does a well-designed garden entail? A garden is said to be well planned if it provides interest from early spring through autumn and even beyond if you go for winter structure. In case of the main growing season, much of that will come from flowering and foliage plants. Are you a gardener?

Do you really want to maintain your landscape? It will be wise if you consider looking for perennial plants that are both easy to grow and offer an extremely long blooming period. While most perennial flowers take two to four weeks, the longest perennials flowers such as the coneflowers will take months.

You are in the right place if you want the longest flowering perennials. At the Flower Club, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. You will have a good time being served by our friendly customer agents. We have the most reliable perennial flowers. Therefore be guaranteed that you will have the best from us. In addition, you will be in a good position to have a gift subscription from us. In fact, this is the first flower shop to have such amazing offers in Australia. In short, we have our customer’s desires at heart. Our professional editors have gone to the extent of analyzing the longest flowering perennials for you. This will serve as a guide when you want to make your purchase. Read through this article and you will never regret. Please enjoy.

  1. Catmint Walkers Low
    The much-loved flower has relaxed and free growth habit. Where can it be used perfectly? Consider using this flower for a cottage garden. Also, it will perfectly match in the front edge of the perennial border of any rose garden. Plus, the plants bloom their heads from the beginning of spring. At this time, you will observe some purple-blue flower spikes. These spikes are very attractive to insects.
  2. Geranium
    Personally, I hate throwing the term low maintenance around extreme irresponsibility, but I know that this is the perfect description. How can you know these flowers? They are about 18 inches of spreading foliage. What happens after this flower blooms? Plants will continue to produce extremely fresh and nice-looking flowers. However, you will greatly encourage another heavy show of flowers when you shear the plants back.
  3. Bleeding Heart
    They are hard to come across. In most cases, they are described as the most luxuriant shines. Away from that, the heart-shaped flowers thrive throughout the late spring and summer. Also, they are quite attractive. That is the reason why they are commonly used as old fashioned flowers. How do you plant this flower? The perfect way to do it is to plant it in a woodland garden. In addition, it can do well along a tree-lined pathway.
  4. Ornamental Onion
    Have you ever heard about this flower? This is a perfect combination of glassy foliage. Additionally, it has a cheerful shade of purple flowers. Usually, these flowers bloom about 6 weeks every summer.
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