What You Need to Know When Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day provides a perfect opportunity to convey the depth of your feelings to your special someone, and a carefully selected bouquet of flowers serves as an excellent medium for expressing love and appreciation. However, the task of choosing the ideal Valentine’s Day flowers can indeed be overwhelming due to the multitude of options available. With a myriad of blooms to consider, navigating the choices can become a challenging endeavour, leaving you uncertain about which flowers will most effectively capture and express the profound sentiments you wish to convey.

When to Give Valentine’s Day Roses 

Determining the perfect time to present Valentine’s Day roses is a significant aspect of expressing affection. This romantic occasion provides an ideal opportunity to showcase your love, and a stunning bouquet of roses serves as a timeless and meaningful gesture. Roses, being the quintessential symbols of love and romance, offer a versatile means of expressing a range of sentiments.

Among the myriad choices, red roses stand out as the most traditional option for Valentine’s Day. These classic blooms are synonymous with passion and love, ensuring that your special someone feels an extra layer of significance to the occasion. If you seek to convey admiration and affection, pink roses emerge as a romantic choice, adding a tender touch to your gesture. On the other hand, white roses embody innocence and purity, providing a perfect avenue to express deep devotion.

Whether you are expressing love, admiration, or devotion, roses offer a language of their own, allowing you to convey your sentiments with timeless elegance on Valentine’s Day.

When to Give Valentine’s Day Daisies

Determining the opportune moment to present Valentine’s Day daisies is an essential aspect of showcasing affection on this day of love and romance. Offering a bouquet of beautiful daisies emerges as one of the most heartfelt ways to express the depth of your care for that special someone. Daisies, being a classic symbol of love and affection, boast a diverse array of colours, each perfect for articulating various emotions.

Opting for yellow daisies on Valentine’s Day is a choice imbued with cheerfulness and warmth. These blooms, symbolising friendship and joy, become a delightful means to express your sentiments to a special friend. A vibrant bouquet of yellow daisies not only radiates positivity but also has the power to bring a genuine smile to your friend’s face, leaving them feeling truly cherished and valued.

For those seeking a romantic option, pink daisies stand out as the perfect choice to convey the profound significance of love. Presenting a bouquet of pink daisies becomes a touching gesture to demonstrate how much your loved one means to you. The sweet and innocent beauty inherent in daisies transforms them into an ideal selection for expressing sentiments of love and appreciation, adding a tender touch to your heartfelt message.

In essence, the choice of when to give Valentine’s Day daisies becomes a thoughtful decision, each colour encapsulating a unique emotion and allowing you to convey your feelings with enduring elegance and sincerity.

When to Give Valentine’s Day Lilies

Determining the best time to offer Valentine’s Day lilies is choosing a lovely and elegant alternative for this romantic occasion. Lilies are noted for their stunning beauty and come in a variety of hues, each with its own specific meaning. White lilies, for example, are a sign of purity, making them an ideal option for expressing love and appreciation on this special day.

Choosing pink lilies adds a romantic touch to your gesture, making it an ideal way to express appreciation and devotion. Pink lilies’ delicate and appealing character lends softness to your message, making them an excellent choice for expressing your deep and true emotions.

Orange lilies are a great alternative for individuals looking for something cheery and vivid. These blossoms ooze brightness and energy, making them an excellent way to brighten someone’s day. The vibrant and warm colours of orange lilies make them an excellent option for conveying pleasure and love to your special someone.

In essence, deciding when to give Valentine’s Day lilies becomes an enthralling investigation of hues, each with its own emotional significance. Whether it’s the purity of white, the romantic appeal of pink, or the bright exuberance of orange, lilies provide a diverse and beautiful way to communicate a wide range of emotions on this important occasion.

Tulips for Timeless Elegance:

Tulips are an incredible way to symbolize eternal love and timeless beauty on Valentine’s Day. Their beautiful branches and bright flowers, available in a variety of passionate colors, making them a strong expression of love.

Red tulips, which are associated with pure love, rule supreme as the personification of intense romantic feelings. Offering a bouquet of these gorgeous blooms becomes a gesture that goes beyond words, showing the depth and sincerity of your passion. Beyond the basic red, experience a range of colourful colours, each with its own distinct message:

  • Pink tulips whisper sweet words of admiration and affection, ideal for expressing budding love or appreciation for a cherished partner.
  • Yellow tulips, radiating warmth and optimism, become a delightful choice for conveying happiness and joy to your loved one.
  • Purple tulips, which represent regality and refinement, bring a touch of richness and mystery to your romantic statement.

Sunflowers for Radiant Joy:

Accept the contagious joy of Valentine’s Day with the sparkling beauty of sunflowers. Their sun-kissed petals and happy personality, especially in vibrant yellows, represent an obvious sense of enthusiasm that quickly lifts the mood. Offering a bouquet of sunflowers is a meaningful message of love and thanks, brightening your special someone’s day with their contagious joy.

Aside from their natural joy, sunflowers include rich symbolism that enhances your Valentine’s Day message:

  • Their unwavering gaze towards the sun represents loyalty and unwavering devotion, making them a symbol of enduring love and commitment.
  • Their towering size and brilliant presence represent power and vitality, expressing your confidence in the bright future you share with your loved one.
  • Their link with riches and success suggests a full future together, filled with enjoyment and shared rewards.

Sunflowers, whether presented as a single, towering blossom or a cluster of blinding sunlight, will make your Valentine’s Day message shine brightly. Their enduring beauty and symbolic depth make for a memorable display of love, reminding your loved one of the sparkling joy they bring into your life.

Orchids for Exotic Beauty:

For those looking to captivate the heart with a hint of exotic charm, consider the captivating beauty of orchids. Their unusual forms, fascinating hues, and delicate elegance combine to produce a loving gesture unlike any other. Each bloom opens like a treasured secret, exposing a range of hues with distinct messages:

  • Purple orchids, with their majestic appearance and irresistible aroma, represent admiration, respect, and eternal intrigue. Offer them to communicate your heartfelt gratitude and unshakable admiration for your particular someone.
  • White orchids, embodying purity, elegance, and reverence, become a touching tribute to the innocence and beauty you cherish in your loved one. Their delicate grace conveys the depth and sincerity of your devotion.
  • Pink orchids, radiating tenderness and playful delight, represent budding love and emerging feelings. They are a sweet and charming choice for the early stages of romance or to express your gratitude for a blossoming connection.

Whether you pick a single, or a bunch of brilliant hues, orchids ensure that your Valentine’s Day message arrives wrapped in exotic beauty. Their unique elegance and symbolic depth provide a lasting impression of your passion, making your loved one feel cherished and beloved.


In summary, the process of selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers can be a straightforward and enjoyable endeavour. By taking into account crucial factors such as the recipient’s favourite colours, the nature of the occasion, and your budget, you can effortlessly discover the ideal bouquet to convey your love.

When choosing the flowers, delve into the symbolism, considering aspects such as colour, shape, and scent to ensure your selection resonates with the intended emotions. For those opting for an arrangement, plan ahead and visit your florist several days in advance, ensuring your order is prepared and ready to enhance your special day.

Adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness, include a heartfelt card with your order to make the gift even more special and personalised. For those seeking Valentine’s Day flowers in Melbourne, Flowerclub stands out as a specialist flower delivery service, offering the convenience of same-day delivery for fresh blooms. Make your order today and express your love to someone special with the beauty of flowers from Flowerclub.

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