What has made these flowers a popular addition to our landscapes? They boast of attractive colors, shapes and sizes that bloom all year round. There are thousands of varieties of Dahlias. How are these flowers classified? It is all about color, size and shape of their flowers. They can be small as 2 inches to even one foot in diameter. You will be offered an impressively wide range of colors. Pink, red and yellow is the most popular flowers. Dahlias can either be single flowering or double flowering.

girl-holding-dahliasNormally, these flowers thrive in full sun, well-drained sandy soils. How can you make these flowers thrive quickly? All that you need to do in that case is to add some sand. Dahlias have emerged as the undisputable queen of weddings and also fashion. They have always been viewed as an essential element of the garden. They have always made awesome cut flowers. The best thing about these flowers is that all the species are grown in the same way.

Each flower type has unique characteristics. It might be quite difficult to find a flower vendor who deals in the most beautiful dahlias flowers. At the Flower Club, we will deliver some perfect collection of either pink, yellow or even white flowers. To help you choose your preferred Dahlia species, we have compiled the different types of Dahlias. Here are the most elegant Dahlias flowers in the market.


These flowers feature broad and tipped petals. At times, their petals are wavy. Normally, these flowers are large and 40 inches tall. Do you want some taller varieties that you can use in celebrating your anniversary wedding? There are multiple tall species such as MELODY DORA. Tall flowers species can either be formal with flat pedals or regularly placed throughout the flowers.


These flowers have been used on multiple occasions to symbolize elegance and love. They have small and globe-shaped flowers. When it comes to petals, they are blunt and slightly rounded at their tips. How can you avoid marvelling the perfect petal arrangement of these flowers? All that you need to do to avoid all that is to handle these flowers with extreme care.

Also, you should provide these flowers with the optimum growing conditions. The essence of doing this is to make sure they thrive to their best. Unlike most Dahlias flowers out in the market, these flowers fold upon the incredibly flawless petals.


What do these elegant flowers feature? They have an outer ring of flat ray petals. The petals are normally arranged in a wreath and surrounded by masses of extremely small disk florets. In addition, these flowers have large ray petals that surround an open center.

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