carnation-flowersCarnations flowers are one of the most popular flowers you will ever come across in the market. They have emerged as some of the most beautiful blooms in the market. The best thing about these flowers is that you don’t have to rob your local bank to purchase them. Also, carnations are available in several varieties. Therefore, you can still surprise your lovely friend even if you send carnations multiple times in a year. You will be in a good position to make better decisions when you understand different types of carnations.

Normally, they are divided into three main groups. There are large, spray and dwarf carnations. Large varieties of carnations have long stems. In most cases, these stems grow to an impressive height of up to 28 inches. They are numerous out in the market. This means that it can be a tedious task choosing the most reliable flower shop. Fortunately, the Flower Club has been supplying high-quality carnations for very many years. Besides that, we have analyzed the different types of carnations.


This type of carnation will grow immediately you plant the stems on well-drained soil. They will start to bloom in the second year. Which is the biggest advantage of planting this flower? Sweet Williams carnations have been known to thrive well in all conditions. This means that you can grow this elegant flower regardless of whether you live in any part of the country. Usually, there are red and whites types of Sweet Williams flowers. What is the unique thing about these flowers? They have exceptional fragrance and aroma.

Sweet Williams is not only native to some parts of Australia but also this flower is edible. This flower contains half-rich blossoms in clusters. It is good to keep in mind that this flower has been used for very many years in medicinal sector.


These are perennial flowers that normally bloom in the summer time. Their flowers have beautiful shades of pink that are very stunning from a distance. Where are these flowers used? People prefer using these flowers as a groundcover. You might be wondering the main reason why these flowers are used as ground cover. They usually grow in a dense mat. In addition, these flowers have been growing and thriving best in full sign light.

How can you grow these flowers? The pinkish flowers do well in full sunlight. They are not only fragrant but also beautiful. You should make sure that the soil is not wet. Extremely wet soil will accelerate the rotting of the roots.


It is a perfect example of a carnation that usually perform well in hot and humid weather. People who have been growing these flowers in alkaline soil have attested that it thrived beyond their expectations. How can you identify these elegant flowers? They have greyish-green leaves. The flower produces leaves in small clusters.

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