The Philosophy Behind Poinsettia, Christmas Plant

It is Christmas time. What do you see in almost all the storefront of every shop you pass? Besides the twinkling light, there are possibilities of seeing explosive and colorful arrangements of poinsettias. It is good to know that these breathtaking flowers are common especially during this holiday season. Do you know the main reason behind this? Poinsettia has a deep meaning. In this article, we will discuss all that you should know about Poinsettia.


Florist MelbourneWhat does Poinsettia mean?

This name was first used in the 1800s. It is worth noting that this name was first coined by Joel Poinsett. Joel was a botanist. He was also the first United States of America Minister to Mexico. It is said that he sent this flower from Mexico to greenhouses. By then, he had several greenhouses in South Carolina. Before this plant was renamed poinsettia, it was popularly known as the painted leaf. In other words, it was referred to as the Mexican flame flower.

What does this Christmas plant symbolize?

Poinsettia has been known for a long time for their Christmas affiliations. Actually, this plant was first associated with the Christmas holiday in Guatemala and Mexico. There have been claims that a girl named Maria was not well off to offer a gift. Instead, an angel told Maria to collect some weeds from the roadside. After placing the weeds by the church altar, the flowers blossomed and sprouted. Later, they could turn into poinsettia.

Since then, the Franciscans have been using the plant during holiday celebrations. Usually, the start pattern on the leaves symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. On the other hand, the red color means the sacrifice of the crucifixion. These flowers are typically found in shades of red. It is also important to note that it can be grown to produce white and pink blooms. Green and red poinsettias have similar meanings. They symbolize cheer and success.

What is the cultural importance of a Poinsettia?

Poinsettia was originally used to produce dyes and antipyretic medications. While this plant is prized as the Christmas Eve Flower in Mexico, it is regarded as the Crown of the Andes in Peru and Chile.

The Symbolism of Poinsettia Tattoo

Are you aware that Poinsettia tattoos are not all about Christmas? However, you will still find these tattoos being linked to the holiday season. These tattoos have been helping people unfold the magic of the holidays.

When should you give out a Poinsettia?

It is one of the most appropriate flowers to send during the holiday season. However, you can give your friend any time of the year. If you have been lucky to purchase Poinsettia, then you can agree with me that they hold up well in floral arrangements. That’s why they are common gifts, especially during the Christmas season.

Final Thoughts

Poinsettia is by no doubt the birth flower of December. This means that it will be an ideal gift for anyone who is celebrating a birthday this month. This is the right time to purchase a high-quality Poinsettia plant from Flower Club. Your order will be delivered on the same day. Call us on (03) 9497 1349.


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