Valentine’s Day is coming in a few weeks’ time. It is the perfect time of the year to show the person you love how much you care. This is the right time to use small gestures here and there. If you live in Melbourne and you are clueless about bouquets, we are here to help. You can purchase these delightful and fragrant Valentine arrangement from florists in Melbourne. Here are some of the best flowers you can buy this Valentine’s Day in Melbourne.


Long stemmed Roses

Are you planning to send flowers to a close friend? You should consider trying roses. Typically, roses symbolise friendship. It would be better if you purchase long stemmed roses if you really want something a little more romantic. This will help you express love to your favourite person. Additionally, you can go ahead and mix different types of roses. A mixture of red and pink roses would symbolise poetic love and extreme admiration.

Purple Orchids

There is no doubt that roses are the first flowers to come in your mind when you are searching for high quality and attractive flowers to give your loved one. However, roses are not the only flowers that symbolise love. The delicate and exotic orchid plant can be used to represent luxury. The beautiful flower symbolises beauty and strength. It is also good to note that orchid is an elegant and universal flower. It is known to carry a lot of emotional weight. You will not find any other better gift than orchid to show your favourite person how much they mean to you.


Every girl would want to be given a beautiful bouquet of sunflower. That being said, it would be ideal if you gift them a nice looking arrangement of a beautiful sunflower. Although sunflowers are not typical romantic flowers, they are popular for being cheerful and uplifting. Additionally, these flowers symbolise the sun and happiness. The highly awaited day will be more romantic than you would think with a sunflower bouquet.

Stargazer Lilies

Have you been looking to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in an extra special way this year? You are in the right place. The stargazer lilies will help you achieve this. These flowers will definitely honour the ambition of your loved one. You should try pairing the lilies with red roses for a more elevated look. The main reason for doing this is to make them feel like royalty. On the other hand, tiger lilies are also romantic. They represent passion.

Pink Tulips

A well-organised bouquet of pink tulips will be the perfect gift you can ever give to your true love. Do you know that every colour of the tulips has a different meaning? Pink tulips are filled with adore. They are also filled with extreme care and affection.

Final Thoughts

As you plan to buy flowers in Melbourne this Valentine, you should consider ordering fresh and high quality flowers from the Flower Club. It is the first market place where you can find daily fresh flowers and same day delivery.


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