The Best Indoor Plants In Australia

indoor-plantsThere are very many benefits of having indoor plants around your house. From cleaner air to creative decor, their benefits can’t be exhausted. Finding the right indoor plant is not just finding the best look you have been dreaming of. You should consider whether you will manage to keep up with the care requirements. While some flowers require lots of light, others require shade to thrive.

If you have been trying to find the best indoor plant for your home, you are in the right place. Besides providing quality indoor plants to our loyal customers, we as the Flower Club have come up with the top indoor plants of all times. Our bloggers have picked some of the prettiest and trendiest plants in the market. Read through this article and enjoy. Cheers!


They are some of the most notorious plants you will ever come across. These flowers have been known to remain strong even without water for an extended period. Also, they are tolerant of low light when compared to other indoor plants. It is good to keep in mind that this is a non-flowering plant. Normally, the elegant plant produces long green leaves. This will make your home attractive. Besides beautifying your home, this plant will promote good air quality in your home.


It is the most popular indoor plant. Usually, these plants do well in lower light situations. The most suitable place to grow these flowers is just next to the window. This will allow them to filter light. In most cases, they thrive by producing big and dark green leaves. Nowadays, people prefer cutting the flowers of their plants. What is the reason for doing this? The plant will grow more leaves. 

Also, some flowers lovers prefer their look. When compared to the Zanzibar Gem, these flowers are little tolerant to under-watering. If you have been looking for reliable flowers that can easily remove ammonia from the air, then look for no more.  You should water these flowers twice in a week depending on the area temperature levels.


How can you identify these plants? They feature thick leaves that normally grow upwards. During the winter, these plants produce yellow-green leaves. Their color depends on the type of snake plant. Being a succulent plant, they are very tolerant of under-watering. They have leaves that store water during the rainy season and then use the water during the hot season.

What if you over-water these plants? They will definitely rot. Your whole plant will soon dry up once the plant’s root has rotted. How can you prevent the roots from rotting during the rainy season? You should consider planting the plants in well-drained soil.


How can we describe these flowers? They are not only voluminous but also produce loads of dark green leaves. From a close look, these plants look striking against a big decorative pot. These plants are very trendy. They are commonly found in glossy pages.

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