Most Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

wedding-flowersOver the years, roses and other popular flowers have been known as a perfect way of appreciating to who mean most to us. They have a specific meaning more so when given as romantic bouquet of flowers. There is no doubt that many people prefer purchasing roses when searching for the most romantic flowers. Although they are quite beautiful, you might feel tired of giving your lovely partner the same old thing.

It is good to keep in mind that roses are not the only romantic flowers out in the market. For the last couple of years, there have emerged numerous romantic flowers. Call the Flower Club romantic florist simply because we will deliver fresh and high-quality romantic flowers. We have compiled a list of the most romantic flowers other than roses.

All these flowers will carry clear messages of romance. Here are the best picks of the most romantic flowers of all time. This is the right time to give them a chance and watch your lover’s eye light up with happiness and surprise.


What do these flowers mean in the language of flowers? Do you know that tulips symbolize perfect love? This is the perfect selection for you if you really want a red alternative of roses. Unlike many flowers, different colours carry different meanings. Which is the best thing about these flowers? They will continue thriving even when cut. Also, people prefer using these flowers on the anniversary. Usually, the heart-shaped stigma in the center of this flower means that the heart is darkened by a passion to love.


Are you sure that these flowers have been used for quite a long time? They have a great history that dates back to 1800. Away from that. Greeks made garlands of these elegant flowers. In Latin, they are called flowers of the Gods. Originally, these flowers were being used in the beer and wine industries. Being the perfect fascination flowers means they are the ideal choice if you have been looking for nice looking flowers for a young couple.

In addition, these flowers can be found in a wide range of colours. Actually, they can be dyed in every colour. A simple flower cut can last for more than three weeks.


As for now, there are more than 25,000 types of orchids. Each of them comes with different forms and colours. Most of them are unique. Recently, these flowers have been used to manufacture vanilla beans. Also, these flowers have multiple meaning of love and beauty. This is the perfect flower if you don’t know the taste of your partner.


Have you been looking for a sensible way to tell your lover that indeed she is a special person in your life? Purchase a fresh bouquet of lilies and the message will be delivered. Just like many flowers, there are very many lilies to choose from. The good thing about lilies is that most of them are elegant. Additionally, lilies carry the full meaning of magnificent beauty.

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