You can attest that indeed it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. There is no doubt that sending Christmas flowers and plants is one of the best Christmas gifts you can ever give your loved ones. Instead of saying an empty Merry Christmas, this is the right time to know the best flower arrangements. It can be a hard task looking for the best flower gifts for Christmas. Fortunately, The Flower Club has got you. We are proud to have gained a positive reputation from many customers as one of the best florists in Melbourne. The best thing about ordering flowers from the highly regarded florist is that we have same day delivery.

Without further ado, let us take a close look at the best five gifts for Christmas.


It is arguably one of the most popular Christmas flowers in the market. Keep in mind that poinsettias are actually plants. How can you identify these amazing flowers? They have bright leaves that look like flower petals. It is important to note that poinsettias are one of the most famous potted plants for every season. You can display both red and white together for layers of festive floral.


Unlike other flowers, the amaryllis is tall with red blooms. The popular flower that comes with nice looking leaves is another holiday flower we cannot forget when talking about the most amazing Christmas flowers. If you have been searching for something that can add vibrant color and sweet smell to your surroundings, then this is the perfect choice in that case. You should be guaranteed that it will add a delicate scent to any space.

It is good to know that you can use this flower by the fireplace or even at your dining room. In the last couple of years, people have preferred using it in offices. If you stay in areas with tropical climates, you can plant this beautiful flower in your farm especially when the holiday is over.

Red and White

You can agree with me that you might not be knowing that red roses can be used for Christmas. However, it is worth keeping in mind that they are actually a festive plant that will brighten and making every festive season looks enjoyable. What does the red rose mean? Traditionally, the red rose means love. On the other hand, some people believe that the red rose mainly represents the blood of Christ during the Christmas season.

You will always have a rustic vibe if you pair the red roses with pinecones and ribbons. Away from that, white roses is used to symbolize peace. You will definitely add a touch of elegance.

White Lilies

These enchanted blooms are brilliant white. Typically, these white lilies embody the hopeful season. In the past, white lilies used to symbolize the Virgin Mary. Additionally, they will add a perfect look to any bouquet.

Final thoughts

The above flowers are the best for Christmas. You will never go long when you choose the Flower Club to deliver flowers.

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