Why Do People Prefer To Receive/Send Flowers For Sympathy?

If you want to show your sympathy to loved ones and demonstrate that you are with them in their grief, sending flowers is the best way to do it. When you visit a funeral home, you will always find flowers in the parlour to pay your respects to the departed. The primary reason is that flowers symbolize sympathy and concern for the family of the bereaved. Since ancient times flowers have been an essential part of funeral ceremonies. People lay wreaths and flowers at the foot of a tombstone or while paying respects to the departed. In addition, you will often find friends and family laying flowers on the grave of a dear one. This shows the love and sorrow that the family feels for the departed. Some of the reasons Why Do People Prefer To Receive/Send Flowers For Sympathy are as follows:

  • The best way to show your concern for the family of the bereaved

During the mourning period, it is essential to show that you are concerned about the family that has recently suffered a tragic loss. But sometimes, expressing your feelings in words can be difficult, especially if you have been close to the person who passed away. In such a scenario, the best way to show your love, concern, and solidarity towards the family faced with the tragedy is to send beautiful flowers like lilies, white roses, or white orchids. It would be best if you chose white flowers as these are ideal for a funeral. Moreover, when you send such flowers to the family members suffering the tragic loss, they will understand that you are concerned about their welfare. Flowers are the best way to express your concern and care, especially when you feel that words will not be enough. Moreover, it will also show that you are standing by the family as they try to overcome the loss of a loved one.

  • Flowers can soothe the mind

It is not wrong to say that flowers have healing powers! However, this does not mean that flowers can heal someone or reduce pain but can calm and soothe the soul. Experts and even psychologists mention that flowers tend to calm the nerves and make a person feel happier. When you send flowers to show your sympathy towards a person, you can be assured of the following:

  1. The person receiving the flowers will feel happy even during a trying time. The innate beauty of flowers is such that it can put your mind at ease. So whenever the recipient sees the beautiful bouquet of white flowers, they will be reminded of your beautiful gesture and feel happy. The person receiving the bouquet will know that you care, essential to reduce tension and soothe the mind.
  2. Fragrant flowers can reduce stress and make the person receiving the bouquet happier. For example, if you send white roses to a person who has recently lost a loved one, you can be assured that the fragrance of the roses will help improve the person’s mood. In addition, the roses’ gentleness and wonderful smell can soothe agitated nerves and even reduce depression.

Thus, sympathy flowers are one of the best ways to show sympathy for a family that has recently lost a loved one. When you send flowers, it not only expresses your condolences but is also good for the mind and soul of the recipient.

  • Flowers are memorable

When you receive flowers as a sign of sympathy from your friends and family, you will find it a more memorable gift than any other. If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one and your relatives and friends send you flowers as a sign of their sympathy, you will find that you remember them with greater care and concern. Sometimes flowers can become the most memorable gift as they show the sender’s concern and uplift the recipient’s spirits. Flowers symbolize the fleeting nature of human life. In Christianity, flowers represent that life is fleeting and death is a natural process. This symbolic representation of flowers makes it a memorable gift both for the sender and the recipient.

  • Funeral flowers are not just for display

You will find that flowers have been associated with death since ancient times. In ancient times during the embalming process, embalmers used flowers to reduce the odours emanated by the decaying bodies. The flowers make it easier for the embalmers to work on the bodies. In addition, the sweet fragrance of the flowers would help overwhelm any foul odour released by a decaying body. Excavations of ancient tombs show the presence of flowers around the bodies. In modern times the embalming process has become swifter, and you would typically not get any odour from the body. However, the practice of covering the bodies with flowers remains. It shows your respect for the deceased and helps cover any smell that might emanate from the body.

  • Flowers show a personal relationship.

If you want to show that you too are deeply sorry for the loss, the best way to do it is by sending flowers. Flowers tend to display a personal relationship with the recipient and the deceased. No other gift that you send can show this kind of feeling. Likewise, if you share a close relationship with the deceased, you can show your concern for the family by sending flowers. You can personalize the floral arrangement to show your care and affection for the family and sorrow at the tragic loss. The customizable nature of the floral arrangement and the thought you put into making the arrangement will make the recipient aware of your care and concern.

Thus, people prefer to receive or send flowers to show their sympathy and concern because of the innate nature of perfect blooms. The floral arrangement can be designed to suit a sombre ceremony ideally. By sending flowers, you can show that you are with the family in these difficult times. Flowers are indeed simple gifts, but ones that can express your feelings perfectly.

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