Who Can Receive Flowers This Incoming Valentine’s Day?

As we slowly move forward from the Christmas and New Year blues, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the best way to show your beloveds you’re thinking about them is by giving them flowers. 

While many believe that February 14th is exclusively for sweethearts, you can still show appreciation for your family and friends by letting a flower delivery company send them beautiful bouquets of red roses. Flowers are an energy and mood booster, and adding a Valentine’s Day theme design will make it even more special. 

This article will discuss what the flower designs symbolise and the best recipients of flowers on this special day. We’ll also enumerate two classic combinations you can gift during this special occasion.

What Do the Flower Designs Symbolise?

On Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter who receives the flowers; the gesture and thought always count. Whether you ask a flower delivery company to bring the bouquet to your family, friends, or romantic partner, anyone will appreciate this sweet gesture. It’s the best way to show your love for someone; the feelings that come with it don’t always need a label. 

4 Best Recipients for Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Here are the four best people to give flowers to this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Significant Other 

We’re beginning our top four flower recipients with a no-brainer. A Valentine’s Day gift from your romantic partner is a sure way to show your love. Flowers are an aromatic and beautiful way to express your feelings and make the recipient think of you when they look at them. You can hand them a gorgeous bouquet of blooms to brighten their day, reminding them of your ever-lasting love. 

2. Distant Loved Ones 

Sometimes, the day of hearts can be sad for those with friends or relatives who live miles away. Fortunately, you can reduce the stinging pain and show them how much you care by surprising them with a beautiful flower arrangement. Let a flower delivery company bring the bouquet to their door and show how much you love and admire them. 

3. Parents 

Your parents have sacrificed a lot to help you get where you are now, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show how much you love them. You can show your appreciation to your parents on this day of hearts and make them feel special by sending them a bouquet. 

You can also ask your local flower delivery company to bring it to their door if you don’t live with them anymore. 

4. Single Friends and Widowed People 

Single friends and widowed relatives may feel left out on Valentine’s Day because they won’t get the niceties during this time. Fortunately, you can make their day brighter by sending them flowers. It lets them know they’re not forgotten and shows that you’re always thinking about them. 

What Are the Best Valentine Combinations?

While flowers are the best way to brighten up your special someone’s mood this Valentine’s Day, you can also combine these fresh blooms with other memorable items. Here are two of the classic hearts day combinations. 

1. Flowers and Chocolates 

Nothing screams “I love you” like a fresh bouquet with a box of delicious chocolates. You can always choose dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping healthier options. This comfort food works best with the gerbera daisies’ delicate petals. 

2. Flowers and Teddy Bears 

This classic combination is the perfect mix of comfort and romance, making it ideal for showing appreciation for someone special. A teddy bear works best for people who want affection and warmth, while the flowers add a touch of beauty and elegance. 


Regardless of your target recipient, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love for them. Letting a flower delivery company bring it to their door can make their day. 

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