Over the years, flower-filled containers have been considered as one of the most wonderful ways to add a welcoming touch to your door. Nice looking flowers will not only add delight to a deck, but they will also brighten up your balcony. You will have an easy time arranging your collection when you consider giving each plant its own pot. All that you need to do to have a perfect collection is to rearrange them in a better way. Also, you can make changes to the collections throughout the growing season. 

It is good to keep in mind that extremely large planters that can hold numerous plants will arguably provide more rooting room. This will encourage vigorous growth to the flowers. People who have grown flowers in pots for many years have claimed that the flowers will produce a lush and garden-like effect. The best thing about growing flowers in pots is that you will be guaranteed to abundance colours for months. Actually, you don’t have to dig up a shovelful of soil. What do you need to do in that case? The soilless growing mix will work fine for a wide range of flowering annuals

In addition, you might be wondering about the best way to grow admirable and gorgeous flowering containers. It is all about providing a continuous supply of nutrients. Producing beautiful blooms will need a lot of energy and also dedication. It is advisable to add slow-release fertilizer some days before planting. You can do this if the growing mix you are using does not have the required nutrients. 

You might be having all that knowledge but end up being disappointed by the flowers. Therefore, you should take your time before spending your hard-earned money to buy flowers. At the Flower Club, you will have numerous fantastic flowers to pick from. It might be quite difficult to decide on the best flowers to grow. That is the main reason why our experienced editors have decided to come up with this list. These outstanding annuals will be the perfect flowers to add to your pots and also plants. Trust me, you will never regret purchasing them. 


How do they flower? They are very eye-catching. Normally, they flower in shades of blue and pink. They are well known to provide months of colour throughout the summer times. What do they feature? They are about 24 inches tall. In addition, these flowers will do well in light shade.


They might not be popular, but they are some of the best flowers you will ever come across in the market. They have for long been considered as the favourites for adding colour to pots. If you really want something a little different, you can consider looking for dragon wing types. 


They bloom to their best in planters, hanging baskets and also in shaded spots. Away from that, these flowers are popularly known as busy Lizzies. In addition, they are perfectly smothered with numerous flat-faced red and white flowers.

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