Roses, Lilies and Mums—What Are Their Best-Kept Secrets?

Flowers are more than beautiful decorations. For centuries, they have been used to convey messages and express feelings. Every flower has its special meaning, and these hidden meanings are known as the language of flowers. 

While many of these meanings have been lost, some remain. By understanding the hidden meanings of flowers, you can use them to express your feelings without needing words. Read on to know the hidden meanings of roses, lilies, and mums and where to find a flower delivery in Melbourne. 


Roses are one of the most popular and iconic flowers in the world. They have been long associated with love, beauty, and romance. But beyond their beauty, roses have a rich and fascinating history stretching centuries. The hidden meanings of roses can provide insight into some of the deepest and most powerful emotions.

The colour of a rose has long been associated with different meanings. Red roses are often viewed as a symbol of passionate love, while pink roses represent gentleness, admiration, and joy. White roses symbolise innocence, purity, and reverence, while yellow roses signify friendship and joy.

The number of roses in a bouquet can also signify something deeper. A single rose embodies love at first sight, while two roses signify intense and passionate love. Three roses represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. A dozen roses are a sign of appreciation and gratitude, while a larger bouquet of roses conveys a deeper love and commitment.

The shape of a rose can also be an expression of emotion. A tight rosebud conveys a very young and innocent love, while an open, bloomed rose signifies fullness, openness, and maturity.

Roses also have a long history of being associated with death and mortality. In some cultures, roses are seen as a sign of eternity, while in others, they are seen as a symbol of remembrance for the dead.


Lilies are one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. They often express various emotions, including love, sympathy, friendship, and joy. But did you know that lilies have hidden meanings beyond the traditional? Here, we’ll explore the hidden meanings of lilies and why they are such a popular choice for expressing emotion.

The most commonly accepted meaning of lilies is innocence and purity. This symbolism has been around for centuries and is rooted in the flower’s white petals. White lilies are often used to commemorate the passing of a loved one and are often seen at funerals and memorials.

Lilies can also symbolise rebirth and new beginnings. The Easter lily, in particular, symbolises Jesus’ resurrection. Other lilies, such as the stargazer and the tiger lily, are symbols of prosperity and abundance.

The white lily is also a symbol of humility and devotion. This is why white lilies are often used at weddings and other romantic occasions. White lilies signify a commitment to each other and a willingness to put the other person first.

The orange lily is a symbol of passion and pride. This is why orange lilies are often used to express love and admiration for someone. They are also used to represent courage and strength.

Finally, pink lilies are a symbol of femininity and motherhood. Pink lilies represent unconditional love and nurturing. They can also symbolise joy and happiness.


It is believed that countries in east Asia, such as China and Japan, are where this flower first appeared. Chrysanthemum Day has reportedly been celebrated in Japan since 910 AD!

In many cultures, the Chrysanthemum is a symbol of royalty and longevity. 

In Japan, the Chrysanthemum is the symbol of the Emperor and is featured on the Imperial Seal. In China, the Chrysanthemum symbolises longevity; in some countries, it is associated with death and grief.

The colour of the Chrysanthemum also carries a special meaning. Red Chrysanthemums symbolise love and passion, while white Chrysanthemums symbolise truth and purity. Yellow Chrysanthemums represent joy and optimism, while pink Chrysanthemums symbolise friendship and joy. 


Giving flowers with deep meaning is a great way to show someone you care. It can be a powerful symbol of love, appreciation and a way to honour someone’s special day or memory. Flowers with deep meaning can also be used to convey sympathy or comfort in difficult times. As a result, giving flowers arranged by a florist in Melbourne with deep meaning is a meaningful gesture that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient.

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