What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is that special day when you get to share your love and appreciation for someone dear to your heart. It’s a time for expressing those warm feelings in a simple yet beautiful way, like giving a bouquet of flowers. But when you step into a flower shop, you’re met with a dazzling array of options, each bloom more beautiful than the last. Choosing the perfect flowers can feel overwhelming.

However, worry not! There are some flowers that are beloved by many for this romantic occasion. These flowers are more than just lovely; they have deep symbolic meanings that convey a great deal of love. So, each flower acts as a charming communication of love, ready to make your Valentine’s Day especially memorable and full of joy, whether you choose the classic appeal of roses or the vivid attractiveness of tulips.

Why Flowers Symbolise Love 

Flowers have long been cherished as messengers of love across various cultures and time periods. In ancient Greece, for instance, they were intricately woven into the tapestry of love symbolism, representing the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. Even in our modern era, flowers continue to hold a special place in the lexicon of love expressions.

Their inherent beauty and delicate nature render flowers an exquisite embodiment of love’s essence. Beyond mere aesthetics, they symbolize the depth and intricacy of emotions associated with love. From the velvety petals of a rose to the delicate bloom of a lily, each flower tells a story of love’s beauty, fragility, and vulnerability.

In the act of giving flowers, we offer more than just a tangible gift; we extend a piece of nature’s beauty and a fragment of our emotions. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes, conveying sentiments that words alone often struggle to articulate. Thus, whether adorning a Valentine’s Day bouquet or gracing a simple vase on a bedside table, flowers remain an eloquent and cherished means of expressing love in its purest form.

Here are 10 Beloved Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love, and flowers are a classic choice. In Australia, the top 10 most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day offer a variety of ways to express affection. So, here are 10 flowers loved for their beauty and meaning.


Beyond just their irresistible beauty, roses have come to represent passion and love because of their deep cultural meaning and rich symbolism. Roses are able to express a depth of feeling that is beyond words, even with their velvety petals and heady aroma. Every hue has a deeper significance. For example, pink roses stand for appreciation and thankfulness, white roses represent innocence and purity, yellow flowers express joy and companionship, and red roses symbolize passionate love and desire. Furthermore, giving roses can convey different meanings based on how many are given; a single rose represents love at first sight, a dozen roses show appreciation and gratitude, and a bouquet of two dozen roses denotes intense commitment and affection.


Lilies are a popular choice for romantic gestures because of their elegant appearance and captivating aroma. Their meaning goes beyond simple beauty; they stand for purity, loyalty, and the rebirth of love. Every type of lily has a symbolic meaning of its own. For example, the calla lily is associated with exquisite beauty and grace, the stargazer lily with passion and ambition, and the tiger lily with bravery and strength. Lilies, which symbolize the purity and depth of love shared between two people, not only offer a touch of sophistication to a Valentine’s Day bouquet but also infuse the arrangement with profound sentiment.


With their delicate flowers and appealing beauty, orchids capture viewers with an air of exotic appeal and mystery. Orchids are emblems of elegance and refinement that express grace, appreciation, and unwavering love. Orchids, with their vibrant hues and distinctive forms, stand for not only love but also fortitude and resiliency in the face of adversity. Orchids are an auspicious choice for Valentine’s Day celebrations because they are also said to bring prosperity and good fortune. Whether offered as a solitary stem or set up in a complex arrangement, orchids create an immense effect that inspires amazement and awe in the person receiving them.


Tulips are really popular on Valentine’s Day because they’re classy and timeless. They look nice and show love well. Tulips have long stems and bright flowers that show love is beautiful and fresh. Different colors mean different things: red means passionate love, pink shows affection, white means purity, and yellow is for happiness. Tulips also remind people of spring, which means new beginnings and good times ahead. Using tulips in a Valentine’s bouquet makes it feel hopeful and happy, showing love in full bloom.


Daisies radiate a cheerful and innocent charm, symbolizing the simple pleasures of love and friendship. They are a great choice for Valentine’s Day bouquets because of their vibrant petals and sunny appearance, which convey feelings of happiness and delight. Daisies are frequently connected to innocence and purity, which serve as a reminder of the sincere and passionate affection that exists between two people. Daisys are also associated with good fortune and positive energy, which makes them a representation of hope and optimism for the future.


Many people consider peonies to be a symbol of romance and elegance. Their huge, lavish flowers radiate a mesmerizing beauty that triggers sentiments of charm and luxury. Peonies, with their layers of delicate petals in different hues from rich, brilliant hues to soft pastels, are symbolic of prosperity and good fortune in addition to love and passion. Their appealing fragrance creates a memorable sensory experience by adding another level of attraction. Peonies have a mystical characteristic that transforms any Valentine’s Day gesture into one of grandeur and beauty, whether they are used as a single stem or in a lavish bouquet.


Carnations are simple yet lovely flowers that many people choose to show love and admiration on Valentine’s Day. They have a timeless charm with their frilly petals and sweet smell. Carnations represent fondness, admiration, and interest, bringing back memories and warm feelings. They come in various colors, each with its own meaning, like red for deep love or white for purity. Whether given alone or with other flowers, carnations bring a classic and sincere beauty to Valentine’s Day.


Hydrangeas are a popular option for Valentine’s Day arrangements because of their eye-catching array of hues and generous clusters of blossoms. Hydrangeas are known for their vivid colors and fluffy, luxuriant petals, which stand for prosperity, elegance, and thankfulness. They take the receiver to a world of beautiful gardens and inspire awe and delight. Because hydrangeas come in a variety of hues, from soft pastels to deep jewel tones, they may be used to create beautiful arrangements that perfectly embody happiness and love on Valentine’s Day. Hydrangeas are a classic representation of love and gratitude due to their everlasting beauty and romanticism.


Given their association with joy and optimism, sunflowers are a lovely way to show someone you love and appreciate them on Valentine’s Day. Sunflowers, with their cheery, colorful blooms and sunny mood, are a sign of love, warmth, and joy. Their brilliant radiance infuses any environment with a sense of optimism and vibrancy. Sunflowers are a significant symbol of eternal love and friendship since they are frequently connected to loyalty and longevity. Sunflowers provide warmth and brightness to any space, whether they are displayed as single stems or as part of a colorful bouquet. This makes them an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day events.


Gardenias are a premium option for Valentine’s Day bouquets because of their beautiful appearance and captivating aroma. Gardenias are flowers that represent purity, love, and loyalty with their smooth, velvety petals and aromatic perfume. They are a perfect example of a classic love tale; they reflect sophistication and grace. Gardenias are a treasured sign of intense love and respect since they are frequently connected to romance and passion. Gardenias bring a sense of sophistication and grace to Valentine’s Day celebrations, whether they are used as an accent flower or as the main attraction in a bouquet.


As Valentine’s Day draws near, it’s no wonder that some of the most cherished flowers are in high demand in Australia. Each of these blossoms holds a special place in expressing affection and appreciation, offering unique ways to convey heartfelt sentiments to that special someone.

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