On Valentine’s Day, Why Do We Send Flowers And Chocolates?

It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air, and beautiful red and pink flowers are in hand. With the most romantic day just around the corner, you need to buy a meaningful gift for your Valentine. Well, meaningful and charming! And what’s more charming than the classic combo of flowers and chocolates?

While some might call this a cliched choice, it’s actually a very thoughtful and sweet gift. Wonder why? Jump right into this article to find out.

It’s A Love Tradition

History has it that the Mayan culture had an intense fondness for chocolates. They were such huge fans of chocolate that they used it for religious ceremonies, including marriage.

It’s said that the Mayan bride and groom had to perform a ritual where they sipped chocolate. Ever since that day, chocolate has come to be associated with love. So, it’s not wrong to say gifting chocolates has been like a love tradition for many generations now.

As for flowers, lores suggest that it was during the time of King Charles II that this custom began. Apparently, he had visited Persia and saw that people there gave red roses to convey their love for one another. So when the king returned to Europe, he spread the tradition, and from there to the rest of the world.

Approved By The Goddess of Love

If there’s one flower that’s universally seen as the symbol of love and romance, it is the red rose. This connection between roses and romance dates back to ancient lore.

According to this lore, the rose is the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Venus believed that roses denoted strong feelings. Since the Love God personally opined that roses stood for deep love, people started giving roses to their loved ones.

So why would you not gift your loved one with the Venus-special red rose?

Chocolates Make Your Romance Sweet

Romance is a sweet little affair by itself. But, add to that some candied box of chocolates. Your Valentine will absolutely love this sugary side of you.

Thank Richard Cadbury, chocolatiers worldwide are now decorating chocolates in the shape of hearts, exclusively for Valentine’s Day. But if heart-shaped chocolates are a bit too sweet for your taste, you can personalize your own cute box of chocolates.

Oh, you can also choose the flavors of the chocolate. Or you can put up a hamper of mixed chocolates and show your boundless love for your partner. And, of course, you probably also know that chocolates are aphrodisiac, so you can never go wrong with gifting chocolates!

Flowers Convey Your Feelings Without Words

Back in time, people believed that sharing flowers was a non-verbal expression of their profound love for each other. It was seen as one way of telling that they loved their Valentine without struggling with words. After all, confessing love without words is a romantic experience to date.

Not only that, in the age without the Internet, people loved to talk about the meanings of different coloured flowers. So it was the best way to initiate an intimate conversation with their loved one. Ha, those days were surely rosy!

Speaking of roses, while red roses stand for love, yellow represents friendship, orange is the color of excitement. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the different kinds of love. So you can pick up the right rose color and gift all your loved ones. Show them your love!

Brings A Smile To The Face

Gifting your Valentine flowers and chocolates is a lovely gesture. So yes, it will earn you a pleasant little smile. But did you know that there’s a scientific reason for this smile? You heard that right!

Researchers say that flowers and chocolates trigger your brain’s ‘happy hormone’. This hormone called oxytocin is the reason behind one’s instantaneous joy. Studies say that both flowers and chocolates have the power to increase the level of oxytocin in one’s body.

When oxytocin level increases, it boosts your mood and reduces your stress levels. Quite a fascinating hormone, isn’t it? Now imagine if you could use this science to win over your loved one secretly. That would be the smartest way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner naturally.

It’s A Budget-Friendly Gift Choice

Who said expensive Valentine gifts are the best ones? Nobody did. So quit worrying about buying costly perfumes and jewelry, especially if you do not know your special one’s preferences. Say your partner is not as ecstatic as you wish they were with the exotic gift you bought. That would be a huge waste of money.

Instead, buy flowers and chocolates to express your feelings. This gift combo would work like magic for those in the beginning stages of a blooming romance. Both roses and candies are available in wide price ranges so that you can select gifts within your budget.

In a nutshell, flowers and chocolates are affordable and adorable gifts to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover.

It’s Very Convenient For Long Distance Relationships

Apart from the financial aspect, flowers and chocolates can also be seen as a convenient choice of Valentine’s gift. In particular for those who are staying strong in long-distance relationships.

Many online stores have special offers for Valentine’s Day. You can find that they have a vast collection of roses, chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards and much more. So you can make your purchase from one of the online stores and easily gift your Valentine on your special day.

This way, flowers and chocolates can make your partner feel loved and cherished even when you’re not near them to shower them with love.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are head over heels in love or carefully treading in your relationship, gifting your special someone with roses and chocolates can instantly brighten their Valentine’s Day. The beautiful scent of flowers and sweetness of chocolates can add to the romantic mood of the day.

Plus, these are readily available in online stores. So you can make your loved one feel special with this classic Valentine’s Day gift combination.

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