Birth Month Flowers: Symbolisms Behind Each Blooming Beauty

Flowers have been a popular gift choice for centuries. They not only brighten up a room and bring a smile to the recipient’s face, but they also hold significant meanings that make them all the more special. 

To help you choose the perfect birthday flowers for your loved ones, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to birth month flowers and their meanings. So, whether you’re a January baby or a December darling, read on to discover the perfect bloom to celebrate your special day.

January: The Carnation

Carnations are the birth flower for those born in January. They symbolise love, fascination, and distinction. While each colour has its meaning, pink carnations represent a mother’s undying love. 

On the other hand, red carnations symbolise deep love and affection, making them an excellent choice to gift your significant other. White carnations stand for pure love and good luck, while striped carnations represent regret.

February: The Violet

Violets are the birth flower for this month. These delicate, fragrant flowers suggest faithfulness, humility, and chastity. They also represent a deep connection and devotion to someone, making them a beautiful and meaningful gift to express your commitment and loyalty to a loved one.

March: The Daffodil

Daffodils are the birth flower for those born in March. They indicate new beginnings, rebirth, and hope. 

Gifting daffodils to someone on their birthday is a beautiful way to wish them a fresh start and a prosperous year ahead. Yellow daffodils represent happiness and positive energy, while white daffodils symbolise purity and innocence.

April: The Daisy

Daisies are the birth flower for April babies. They express innocence, purity, and loyal love. 

Daisies are also known to represent new beginnings and transformation, making them a perfect gift to celebrate the start of a new chapter in someone’s life. Gerbera daisies, with their vibrant colours, are a popular choice for birthday bouquets.

May: The Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for those with a birthday in May. These small, bell-shaped flowers illustrate humility, sweetness, and a return to happiness. 

They are often associated with motherhood and are believed to bring luck in love. Gifting a bouquet of Lily of the Valley to someone on their birthday is a sweet gesture to wish them love and happiness in the coming year.

June: The Rose

Roses are the birth flower for June. They are perhaps the most famous and universally loved flower, conveying love, beauty, and passion. 

Each colour of the rose carries its own meaning, with red roses representing love and romance, pink roses expressing gratitude and appreciation, and white roses communicating purity and innocence. Yellow roses are perfect for celebrating friendship, while orange roses signify enthusiasm and passion.

July: The Larkspur

Larkspur is the birth flower for those born in July. These tall, elegant flowers connote an open heart, strong attachment, and a love that is both pure and sweet. 

Larkspurs come in various colours, with each colour holding its symbolism. Pink larkspurs represent fickleness, white larkspurs symbolise a happy nature, and purple larkspurs stand for first love.

August: The Gladiolus

Gladiolus is the birth flower for the birthday celebrants in August. They denote strength, moral integrity, and infatuation. 

Sending gladiolus as birthday flowers is a way to express your admiration for their strong character and to wish them a year filled with personal growth and achievements.

September: The Aster

September birthdays are represented by the aster and morning glory flowers. Asters suggest love, wisdom, and faith, while morning glories represent affection, unrequited love, and mortality. A bouquet featuring these flowers will express your deep love and appreciation for your September-born loved one.

October: The Marigold

Marigolds are the designated birth flower for those born in October. They encapsulate warmth, creativity, and a strong, affectionate love. 

These vibrant, golden flowers are often associated with the sun and are believed to represent passion and creativity. Marigolds are also thought to bring good luck and prosperity.

November: The Chrysanthemum

People born in November have the chrysanthemum as their birth flower. These lovely flowers represent friendship, happiness, and long life. 

Often linked with joy, they are thought to attract luck and positivity. To honour a friend’s birthday, giving them a bunch of chrysanthemums is a delightful way to appreciate their companionship and hope for their continued happiness and longevity.

December: The Narcissus

Narcissus, also known as daffodils, is the birth flower for December babies. They embody hope, renewal, and new beginnings. 

Narcissus flowers are often associated with the arrival of spring and are said to represent the promise of brighter days ahead. Gifting a bouquet of narcissus flowers on someone’s birthday is a thoughtful way to remind them of the hope and joy each new year brings.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous options to create a fantastic surprise for someone. If you can’t be with them on their birthday, consider sending a personalised bouquet of birthday flowers, including their favourite blooms. This thoughtful gesture demonstrates that you’ve put genuine effort into selecting the perfect gift.

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