Best Floral Plants To Buy In Australia

When selecting floral plants for your home, choosing ones that can survive indoors and outdoors is essential. Say, for instance, you are looking for plants to decorate your living room, select ones that can survive in minimum light or indirect light. You will be surprised to know that several plants flower even in minimum light. Plants like bromeliads, peace lilies, and orchids can be made to flower in indirect light and brighten up any room. If you think of flowering plants ideal for your garden, you have several choices. Some of the plants that you can choose to purchase in Australia are as follows:

1. Buy Seasonal Flowering Plants

The first thing you should know about floral plants is that they are seasonal and perennial. When it comes to seasonal plants, these will flower in a particular season and die. Some of the seasonal plants that you can choose to plant in your garden are as follows:

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  • Sunflower: The best time to buy sunflower plants is in spring, as these plants grow during summer. Although these plants are native to North America, the sunflower has thrived worldwide. In Australia, they grow primarily in the region of Queensland. But in other parts of the country, sunflowers can be grown. To grow this plant, you need moist and well-drained soil. As the name suggests, the flower loves bright sunlight. Freshly cut sunflowers are a perfect way to brighten your home,
  • Hydrangeas: If you visit a florist, he will tell you this is one of the best flowers to select when making a floral arrangement because these flowers last for a long time. Opt for hydrangeas if you want to buy some seasonal flowers to grow in your garden. These plants are pretty hardy, too, like moist and well-drained soil. However, you need to ensure that you do not expose the plants to extreme sunlight as they are not drought tolerant. The unique feature is that depending on the acidic or the alkalinity of the soil, the color of the flowers will change.
  • Carnations: These floral plants are often perennials, but they flower only from late spring to early autumn. Carnations also make perfect cut flowers, but you should buy plants in separate pots if you plan to grow them in your garden. These plants need moist, well-drained soil; they also need dolomite to be added to the soil.
  • Lavender: This is a winter flowering plant also used as an herb. It does not require a lot of care. The plant leaves are often used to make salves, and flowers are used to make lavender oil. You can also grow this plant in your garden for its sweet smell. If you buy this plant ensure that your florist has placed it in a pot. You can put it in the garden or even on the window sill of your room. It will fill your room with a wonderful fragrance.

But when you grow these plants, you should check if you can cut these flowers and put them in vases to decorate your home. Freshly cut flowers are bright and fragrant. These blooms can make you feel happy every time you enter the room.

2. Choose to Buy Orchids

orchid care
Another floral plant that can survive easily is orchids. These are one of the plants that can flower quite easily indoors. You can also find orchids of different colors and choose the blooms you like the most. Orchids do not require much care, and all you need to ensure that you do not put the plant in one of the brightest parts of your home. You should also avoid putting the plant in a location where there is a draft. Instead, place the plant where there is indirect light, and you will find that the plant is thriving. Sometimes putting the orchids under fluorescent light can also encourage the plants to flower. As the orchids do not have any capacity to store water, check if the soil is moist and avoid letting the soil dry out completely. You will find that watering the orchids once a week is sufficient for a healthy flowering plant.

3. Peace lily

Peace lily

Among the various lilies you can purchase in Australia, peace lilies are often the favorite of amateur gardeners. These are pretty hardy plants and can survive adverse conditions. If you are planning to buy peace lilies, then look for ones that have glossy green foliage. These plants produce large white flowers that last for a long time. As these are pretty hardy plants, you will find that peace lilies can survive both in direct and indirect sunlight. Therefore, you can place the plant indoors and outdoors. Peace lilies are ideal to be kept indoors as the plant can purify the air and remove harmful toxins like benzene, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air.

4. Bromeliad


This is another beautiful indoor plant that you can purchase if you want to brighten the interiors of your home. The bromeliad is known to produce striking pink or red blossoms, but to encourage the plant to produce flowers, you need to put it in the bright part of your home. The bromeliad does not require too much water, so avoid watering it regularly. The plant thrives equally well outdoors. It has become one of the favorite plants in Australia as it is hardy and easy to maintain the plant.

Thus, there are several floral plants that you can purchase in Australia. When you purchase a plant, there are a few things that you should consider the first is the plant’s health. Purchase one that has healthy and bright leaves. Also, try to purchase floral plants in the season to get the maximum blooms. You should also talk to the florist about the care of the plant and what you should do to protect the plant from pest and insect attacks. Once your plant begins to flower, you will find it is the best feeling you have ever had.

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