Our delivery team is doing its best to provide the most comfortable flower delivery service around Melbourne. Every year, we offer FREE delivery to Melbourne metro area for most of the days; if it’s mentioned on the product page, that means you can enjoy FREE delivery to the Melbourne metro. Please note that there might be a delivery fee for certain suburbs based on the distance from our store.

We do not promise delivery at a fixed time as we are delivering a considerably large amount of orders every day around Melbourne and our drivers will sort addresses based on the distance from the start location. There is a 95% chance that your order will be delivered by 5 pm; however, it may get a bit delayed if the address is too far from our store or you have placed your order in the morning of one of our busiest days including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Our delivery drivers have the authority to leave the flowers at the door if no one home. They will find the safest spot to put the flowers; however, they might not be able to do so for certain types of properties (we recommend adding the recipient’s phone number to help us deliver the flowers safely in one of those circumstances).

Sometimes flowers change colors or become thirsty by sitting at the recipient door for hours during a hot day. We do not accept returns or process a refund under such circumstances (we advise you to ensure the delivery by calling or texting the recipient minutes after receiving the “Your order is now completed” email from us).

Please note that when you place your order over the phone, you may not receive free delivery to that address while you may receive free delivery if you place your order online; the terms and conditions stated anywhere on this website are for online orders only. Our team members will explain your order pricing over the phone and once the order is finalized it means that you have accepted all the terms and conditions as well as the paid amount of your order.

ABUSIVE OR AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOURS ARE NOT TOLERATED AT FLOWER CLUB EITHER IN-STORE OR ON DELIVERY!! If you have any problem with your order, contact us calmly and we will sort it out for you.


Returns & Refunds

Flower Club team does its best to deliver the best cuts and transfer love and happiness around Melbourne every single day; however, there are certain times that things might go out of our hands and cause inconveniences. Please read the following paragraph to better understand our returns and refund policy.

The products sold on this website are perishable natural products and the lifespan of flowers varies from species to species. In other words, some flower types will last longer than others. Flowers are a natural product. Availability varies by season and market. As a result, not all products produced are as shown on By agreeing to these general terms of use, you acknowledge that there may be inconsistencies between the images and the products delivered.

Flower Club offers returns or refunds under the following circumstances:

  1. We do free replacement and return (no refund) if we delivered the wrong arrangement to the recipient.
  2. We do refund or free replacement if the recipient received lifeless cuts (if we get informed on the day of delivery).
  3. No refund will be provided if we won’t get informed on the day of delivery.
  4. There is no non-allergic or pet-friendly guarantee on our products and the buyer is responsible to ensure those if the recipient is allergic to flowers or there is a pet living in the house.
  5. A refund is accepted if a damaged flower arrangement or gift box has been received by the recipient.
  6. We don’t offer refunds for vases as they are not included in the prices, hence they will not be delivered.
  7. We offer fresh and long-lasting cuts if cared for correctly. If the flowers become lifeless after 48 hours of delivery while put in a cool place inside water, give us a call at 03 9497 1349 or send us an email via to talk to our team about your concern.

Please visit our Flower Care page to learn more about caring for your flowers.


We do not offer refunds on any cancellations within 48hrs of the delivery date.

Half refund is provided for any cancellations up to 48hrs before the delivery date.

Refunds will be sent to the same credit or debit card that was used to place the order! We do not offer refunds to different bank accounts under any circumstances!