Snapdragon Flower

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Snapdragon Flower

Snapdragon flowers are generally erect, spiked, and elongated, with clusters of velvety, silky, and smooth blossoms. A snapdragon flower is generally 2 to 3 feet in height and has open blossoms at the bottom, and a series of growing buds are entangled in the middle of the flower. These buds usher in beautiful colors with tips that are generally green in color with firm buds. A fresh snapdragon flower is more correct than the older ones and has fewer buds. Their typical feature is that the tip of the flower usually sags as it tends to get old. However, they can remain fresh for a more extended period if appropriately cleaned.

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The flower typically has no smell and is generally plain. Therefore, one cannot identify the flower through its smell. The flowers are generally in different shades of pink, white, apricot, red, shades of burgundy, and bleak tones of yellow. You can gift this flower on the mouth of the bloom to your lovie-dovie or someone at their wedding. They are also low on pocket and can be easily grouped in a bouquet.

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snapdragon flower

The Snapdragon flower vase life is usually a week or ten days if taken care of properly. The flower radiates positive vibes and displays bright colours, and has a pretty noticeable size.


The flower can also be grown back through its bud by planting it back in the soil. When the flower is 4 inches in height, they generally sprout new seeds that can be pushed back into the flowers.

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