Gum Leaves Melbourne

Gum Leaves Melbourne

Whenever we think about eucalyptus or Melbourne gum leaves, a straight thing that comes to mind is that they are natives of Australia. This is because they are an endemic species so they won’t grow in any other region apart from their specific region.

Eucalyptus, or the gum leaves, does not have any petals. Although, from a certain distance, the flower seems fluffy and reflects like a dandelion flower, from near the case is different. These gum trees do not contain petals because hundreds of stamens emerge from the center, making a cone-like bud impression.

The gum leaves come in various breathtaking colors, including red, bright orange, hot pink, white and yellowish green. Due to the plentitude of stamen available, they contribute to pollen and can use as much as possible.


The gum trees have square stems, and their leaf formation is unique. Due to this reason, they are also used in known flower arrangements. They offer sturdiness and visual appeal to the flower arrangement. The stems of the eucalyptus are very close to the square, and the branches are compiled in a compelling way that allows the proper growth of the plant. They are arranged close does not affect their beauty and are carefully adjusted by nature. One interesting fact about gum trees is that the leaves grow on the opposite side of the stem. This is because the alternating leaves are set at right angles.

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