The Best Flowers and Plants for Ringing in Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year (CNY) season is a time of great joy and celebration as people come together to honour the tradition of fortune, blessings, and renewal. It is celebrated for about two weeks and is often called the “Spring Festival.” During this time, gifts like cut flowers are exchanged among friends, family, lovers, and colleagues to express good wishes. These gifts are meant to bring blessings and happiness to the recipients.

Certain flowers, fruits, and colours bring prosperity if you want to add a touch of CNY cheer to your home or office. So, consider adding some of these flowers and plants to your festive decor to get the most out of this Year of the Tiger.


During Chinese New Year, golden chrysanthemums are considered a flower of fortune. They are considered a symbol of wealth and luck for the upcoming year. These are often given as gifts to older people because they represent long life. They are also frequently featured in Chinese artwork as a representation of longevity. Having golden chrysanthemums in your home will bring good fortune in the coming year.


The pungent smell and symbol of prosperity make this a traditional Chinese New Year flower. With its red hue, it represents good fortune and joy. These cut flowers are also a great way to add a cheerful and prosperous touch to any home, as they bloom from the base to the tip. Whether a single stem or a bunch, it’s an attractive and encouraging way to decorate your home during the Chinese New Year.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a popular choice to add luck and prosperity to a home, particularly during Chinese New Year. This type of bamboo is quite small, with stalks that curl and twist in interesting shapes. It’s easy to take care of, making it a good option for those new to gardening. They’re also believed to add a bit of extra fortune by tying red ribbons or ornaments on the bamboo.


Orchids are a must-have for Chinese New Year celebrations. Representing joy, prosperity and longevity; the Phalaenopsis is the flower of choice for this special occasion. Giving someone an orchid signifies abundance, fertility, refinement and luxury. It’s an excellent way to show affection and appreciation to your loved ones.

Peach Blossoms

In China, the peach fruit is thought to bring long life, and peach blossoms are seen as a sign of growth, wealth, and love. The vibrant colours and attractive shape of peach blossoms make them a popular choice for Chinese New Year decorations. Many young people believe that having peach blossoms in their homes will bring them romantic blessings, so they often display them in vases.


In Chinese mythology, peonies are seen as symbols of wealth, peace, honour, and prosperity. People often refer to them as the “flower of riches and honour.” Red peonies are especially popular during Chinese New Year, as they are considered a flower of fortune, like chrysanthemums. 

Peonies have also come to represent beauty, innocence, affection, and charm. People may take advantage of this by decorating their homes with peonies ahead of Valentine’s Day to set the mood.

In Closing

May your CNY be auspicious with any (or all) of these flowers and plants decorated across your home or given to loved ones as timely gifts.

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