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baby's breath flowers

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Delivering locally sourced baby’s breath flowers around Melbourne. Flower Club team designing stunning box arrangements curated by considering the latest trends in the art of gifting. We are delighted to deliver freshness around Melbourne and that’s what we do every day 😉

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We deliver what is offered on the website (even more) and our customers are happy with the quality and beauty of our box arrangements. This year we have introduced our exclusive collection of Box Arrangement as they became our best-selling collection in Melbourne. Treat yourself with one today!

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An Intro to Baby’s Breath Flowers

Fascinated by the name, the Baby Breath flower is a small white flower scientifically known as Gypsophila elegans, which is commonly known for being a filler in the cut flower arrangement. They are very close to roses and resemble them often. The baby’s breath flower is a part of the carnation family of a herbaceous plant called Caryophyllaceae

Although the size of the flower is a point of discussion, its significance has more excellent value than the size. The striking feature of the baby’s breath flower is that each bloom can produce hundreds of blooms. Hence, it is a spectacular addition to your flower garden. They are planted mainly by farmers during the spring blooming perennials as summer perennials may hide the blooms of the flowers.

Baby breath flowers can be planted from seeds or any established part of the plant. However, it is advisable to plant them during late spring or early summer as this is considered the best season for the bay perennials. The most exciting part of the baby breath flowers is that you only need to plant them once in your garden, and you can enjoy them throughout your life just by taking care of them.

Baby’s breath flowers require a good amount of sunlight, so whenever you are planting one in your garden, make sure to plant them in places of direct sunlight so that they can get the maximum sunlight for their growth and development. Also, choose well-draining soil for them.

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