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Alstroemeria Flower Melbourne

The Alstroemeria flower is one of the most famous choices for gifting loved ones. They denote warmth, happiness, and passion and bring a smile to the face of the admirer.

It is also called a “Peruvian Lily” and is native to South America. They are popular summer blooms and can grow up to 3 feet tall with their strong stems and hardy characteristics.

There are over 100 species of the Alstroemeria flower in several beautiful colors and patterns- making it an awe-striking addition to any bouquet or decoration piece. While it is hard to pick out the best, a few species, in particular, are massively popular, such as Fougere, Bali, Indian Summer, Inca Ice, and Princess Fabian.

More about Alstroemeria Flower

The Alstroemeria flower is not challenging to grow, and when done right, these perennials can last for years. However, they require adequate sunlight and regular watering. It’s important to not over-water it, as that can be very damaging for the roots. While it grows well in a warmer environment, the flower would require a greenhouse or shade in scorching temperatures. The best soil to grow them in would be acidic, well-drained soil with added manure.

The Alstroemeria flower can grow tall, and thus it is highly recommended to plant them in the ground rather than in a pot. If not, ensure extra precautions are taken to keep the soil cool.

All in all, this beautiful plant can be a wonderful addition to any home or garden and will surely add cheer to the environment it is in for a long time when cared for properly.


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