Why You Should Consider Boxed Flower Arrangements

Flowers can make someone’s day brighter and can make them feel happier. Studies worldwide have shown that by receiving flowers, people can better manage their emotions, such as feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. Flowers have a positive effect on the recipient’s mental health.

What Is a Boxed Flower Arrangement?

A flower bouquet is an arrangement of blossoms put together in an eye-catching way and presented in a container, pot, basket, or box. Unlike a box of flowers, the bouquet does not have a water-holding floral foam base. Instead, the flowers are put together in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

How Much Do Boxed Flower Arrangements Cost?

Costs for bouquets can differ. Boxed arrangements usually cost more than traditional flower bouquets. The cost can vary depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Boxed flowers require more time and effort to arrange, which means they cost more than regular flowers. It’s best to order a boxed flower arrangement in advance to ensure it is ready when you want it.

Advantages of Boxed Flower Arrangement

Here are three benefits of boxed flower arrangements:

  • They Come Pre-Arranged

Sometimes it’s necessary to stick with the order of things without changing anything. Keeping the original structure of a process or procedure can be beneficial, as it may be designed to work best when done in a specific way. 

The beauty and arrangement of the flowers are already made for you, so there is no need to rearrange them. They make a stunning table centrepiece and are perfect for those unable to arrange a bouquet while recovering from an illness.

  • They Don’t Require Vases

Boxed flowers are a convenient way to give flowers as a gift, as they come in a box with the flowers already arranged. This means the recipient does not need a vase or other container to put the flowers in. This is especially useful if sending flowers to a hospital or someone sick, as they may not have a vase to put them in. 

Boxed flowers also have foliage or leaves included to help keep the flowers fresh for longer. Bouquets are better suited for those with a vase to put them in.

  • They Need Little Maintenance

To ensure the flowers stay fresh, it is best to give a boxed flower arrangement as a gift. The flowers will be pre-arranged and come with a moist floral foam at the bottom of the box. This foam will need to be watered daily to keep the flowers hydrated. 

This is much easier than cutting the flowers and putting them in a vase, which is often too time-consuming or difficult for someone recovering from an illness or injury.


Boxed flower arrangements are an ideal and convenient way to send a special message to someone you care about. They are easy to order and can be delivered directly to the recipient’s door. You can choose from various arrangements, and the quality is guaranteed high. 

Moreover, boxed flower arrangements are an economical way to send flowers, as they often cost less than buying your flowers and arranging them yourself. With all these benefits, it is easy to see why you should consider boxed flower arrangements when looking for an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

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