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Iris Flowers Melbourne

The Iris flower is a gorgeous spring bloom that is widely photographed and even painted to capture its beauty to the maximum. It is named after a Greek goddess that rode the rainbows,and brings a sense of joy and comfort to the admirer.

The iris flower comes in several sizes- some being just a few inches tall and can grow up to even 3-4 feet tall. This difference is because of the different species that are available of this awe-striking flower. They grow best in the warmer seasons and can brighten up any environment with the variety of colors that it comes in, like purple, white, and yellow.

It is not commonly known that there are two broad classifications of the iris flower. One is the Bulbous kind, which consists of the dwarf variations and dutch hybrids. The bulb of the flower is often considered toxic for house pets.

On the other hand, we have the more popular Rhizomatous variety. It consists of the bearded, beardless and crested iris flower.

The iris flower requires adequate sunlight and warmth, but be careful that they are not subjected to extreme heat. They should be planted in well-drained and breathable soil, and organic matter can be added to boost their healthy growth. Like any other plant, it requires maintenance and care in the form of occasional trimming of dead leaves and fertilizers to prevent plant diseases or pests.

The iris flower is an exceptional addition to any home and livens up the area with its cheerful colors. They also attract butterflies and birds, making your dream garden come to life.

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