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Tulips same-day delivery


Tulips are often considered happy flowers, and they start emerging from the soil in late winters or, most preferably, you can say early spring. Tulips are pretty intolerant of cold and are a close relative of daffodils. Low temperature severely damages the plant, and they cannot survive the extremely high temperature. To sum up, in a word, they are too sensitive to survive extreme temperatures. Another contradicting fact about the flower is that it can grow immensely with snow. 


Tulips may be a blooming option to express your love to anyone. People nowadays consider tulips over roses. Online flower delivery has improved people’s lives and added to them. People openly accept the idea of tulips’ same-day delivery as they no longer have to visit the florist shop and stand in the queue to deliver their flowers.


Tulips’ same-day delivery has made things much easier for the tulip fanatics. Tulips are generally planted in autumn. The reason behind this is that during autumn, the ground remains non-frozen which is perfect for the growth of florists.


Tulips are usually shaped like a cup, with three separate petals and sepals attached to them. Tulips have a variety of species, small, medium, and large. Tulips are mostly perennial, and the activity of bulbs to come back after hybridizing has been weakened. These are the reasons why gardens consider them annual flowers.

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We deliver what is offered on the website (even more) and our customers are happy with the quality and beauty of our box arrangements. This year we have introduced our exclusive collection of Box Arrangement as they became our best-selling collection in Melbourne. Treat yourself with one today!

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